LeBron James makes history while Warriors beat Lakers

ANKARA – Despite a record performance by LeBron James, the Golden State Warriors beat the Los Angeles Lakers 117-115 in the NBA on Sunday.

James scored 26 points, setting a new record for the most points in the NBA combining regular season and postseason with 44,157, beating Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 44,149 points.

James is also vying for another Abdul-Jabbar record – the career record for regular-season games with 38,387 points – as he is closing in on 36,526 points.

"We had an opportunity to win a big game tonight. But in all my career, any time I've been linked with some of the greats, I've always just been in awe," the 37-year-old Lakers star said about his performance.

Klay Thompson led the Warriors with his 33 points, while Stephen Curry contributed 24 points and 8 assists at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

The Golden State Warriors placed second with 42 wins and 15 losses, while the Los Angeles Lakers are in the number nine spot with 26 wins and 31 losses in the Western Conference standings.

Other results: Charlotte Hornets-Memphis Grizzlies: 118- 125; Washington Wizards-Sacramento Kings: 110-123; New Orleans Pelicans-San Antonio Spurs: 114-124; Philadelphia 76ers-Cleveland Cavaliers: 103-93; Toronto Raptors-Denver Nuggets: 109-110; Miami Heat-Brooklyn Nets: 115-111; Chicago Bulls-Oklahoma City Thunder: 106-101; Dallas Mavericks-LA Clippers: 97-99; and Phoenix Suns-Orlando Magic: 132-105. (Anadolu)

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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