TESDA chief urges stakeholders' cooperation in TVET

MANILA–Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Secretary Isidro Lapeña is calling on all stakeholders to cooperate in making the technical and vocational training and education (TVET) more dynamic.

"Since the TVET system in the Philippines involves almost every aspect of the society, stakeholders and partners include not only the employers and industry, and various training institutions, but also those in the legislature and the local government units. Coordination and cooperation among these sectors help make Philippine TVET as responsive and dynamic as possible," he told the Philippine News Agency on Friday.

Through an area-based, demand-driven TVET, he said TESDA shall align its strategies by adopting the skills mapping concept in the identification of skills requirements, as well as the anticipation of changes in the labor market.

On Friday, TESDA reported that it held the National Industry Forum on November 11, to encourage the participation of more potential partners to engage in the provision of quality tech-voc.

Over 600 participants from industry groups, prospective partners, TESDA board members, officials, and employees attended the forum, it added.

"I am confident that the presentations and sharing from the different TVET stakeholders would bring enlightenment on what TESDA has been doing in this time of the pandemic to prepare for what may come in the future," Lapeña said.

The TESDA chief said he thanks their partners who joined them in the pursuit of developing a globally competitive and highly skilled Filipino workforce.

TESDA, he said, has shifted its strategy, from a supply-driven to a more demand-driven TVET.

"Through this, we shall make TVET more responsive to the critical needs of industries and employers, and as a result, produce skilled workers required for a specific area or locality," he said.

Lapeña added that the key to the success of the demand-driven TVET is TESDA's industry partners.

"Strengthened cooperation among stakeholders is needed to strengthen this foundation that we built," he said. (PNA)

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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