Why Should Businesses Distribute Documents in PDFs?

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For any business, digital document distribution has become important because everything is digital nowadays and clients want to get the invoices, receipts, and other reports in the form of digital documents. Whether it is marketing material such as brochures, posters, or advertisements or official business documents, such as invoices, memos, receipts, and other important business documents, every business has to adapt to digital documents in this age. 

For most businesses, distributing documents digitally is easy and convenient if the right format is used. There are numerous document formats available but if the businesses use the right document format then it won’t

be an issue. One of the most frequently used formats for business documents is PDF. PDF as a format has numerous advantages let’s look at some of the important reasons why businesses should use PDF for document distribution:

1. Maintains Layout And Formatting

This is one of the unique things about PDF that it can maintain the layout and format of the documents regardless of the device or platform it is viewed on. If you were to choose any other document format such as Word then the layout and formatting of the document wouldn’t appear the same on all the devices, some elements of the document would not appear the same as the way there were placed in the document and hence, such formats can completely change the way how a document looks and it can give a bad impression to the clients because the documents are not looking the way it should.

There is one thing guaranteed with PDF that your documents will look exactly the way that you made them. The documents will be presented in exactly the same way that you laid them out and on a professional level, it can help avoid confusion with layout and format and your business will look more appealing and professional to the clients. 

2. Easily Convertible Into Other Formats

Another exceptional thing about PDF document format is that it is easily convertible from one format to another easily without any hurdles. There are different online platforms available such as Lua that allow you to convert PDF from one format to another in just a few moments. You can easily convert JPG to PDF or Word to PDF in just a few seconds or from PDF into other formats such as PDF to Word in just a few moments. This makes PDF better than other formats out there as it can be converted into any format in just a few moments when required. 

3. Viewed On Any Platform

PDF can be viewed on any platform that you want to. PDF enjoys this advantage of widespread support across all types of operating systems, devices, and platforms. For instance, if you make a PDF document on a Windows PC and want to view it on your Android device or any other device then you can do so without any problem. Most of the modern-day browsers have the built-in capability of reading PDF documents and whichever device you are on, viewing PDFs is not an issue.

This advantage that PDF has over other document formats is simply unmatched and there isn’t any other document format available that is easily accessible on any platform or device and for businesses, this a huge thing, because they have all sorts of clients, some iOS users, some Android users, some Windows users, however, all of them will be able to view PDFs on their devices without any issue. 

4. Excellent compression rate

Any document format suffers when huge graphics and visual elements are added to them and in the end, all of them result in a file size that is too large but that is not the case for PDFs. PDFs are known for their excellent compression rate and ability to compress high-quality images, graphics, and visuals into smaller sizes. 

Most of the businesses documents contain both images and graphics and it can result in the file size being too large and such files cannot be sent because of file-size limitations on email platforms, however, if PDF is chosen as the document format then it won’t be an issue because of excellent compression rate of PDFs and you can easily send the documents without file-size problems.

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