Social Media and How Illegal Traders Scam Investors to Follow Their Forex Signals

A new crop of so-called Instagram traders uses attractive social media accounts to mislead young people into believing they can teach them how to earn thousands of dollars each day.

They claim that clients can do the same by “following their indications.”

Young people may make thousands of dollars each month from Foreign Exchange or “Forex”, according to reports, with an initial investment of roughly £300 and just five to ten minutes of online teaching time each day.

Even yet, a large number of these so-called "traders" lack the certification or credentials to provide these services, making them unlawful and subjecting prospective consumers to financial ruin.

“If they're not licensed by us, it's definitely a fraud”, warn authorities about copy trading, trading advice, and trade arrangements.

After investors have put money into a transaction and received their first round of rewards, online traders often cease promising attractive, guaranteed returns, the FCA claims.

There are a rising number of fake Forex traders on social media, with the hashtag #forextrader connected to over 4 million Instagram posts and a total loss of £27 million in the UK in 2018/2019 to such schemes. In addition to that, some of these illegal traders offer people no deposit bonus Forex and if an investor starts trading with a specific Forex broker, he or she will get the bonus without depositing money. Usually, those brokers that are offered by illegal traders are scams. One of these brokerages based on the report was Investous. So, newcomers now need to see some reviews about the Investous scam, in order to find whether the mentioned service provider is a scam or not. In addition to that, investors are able to check whether this broker is regulated by an authorized regulatory body or not. It is also worth noting that officials are warning that unregulated Forex scams are on the increase since the financial watchdog outlawed binary options trading in April. Officials advise prospective victims to verify if merchants, particularly those who promise big gains on social media, have been authorized by them before doing business with them.

How To Avoid Forex Scams?

Scams involving forex trading occur when fraudsters dupe unsuspecting investors into participating in bogus foreign exchange schemes. No matter you are a beginner investor or a comparatively experienced one, no one is guaranteed that he or she won’t get into scammers’ trap.

They often make grand claims about once-in-a-lifetime investment possibilities that guarantee huge profits for investors quickly.

Scammers often vanish after receiving money from investors, leaving them with nothing.

Companies that sell signals are those that make predictions about when it is the optimum moment to purchase and sell currencies. Their services normally come at a price.

Companies that charge investors without providing any guidance or providing any trading specifics before disappearing are committing signal seller frauds. Most of the time, they guarantee that their data will lead to profitable trades and huge returns.

Using an algorithm, a forex robot is a piece of software that buys and sells currency on your behalf.

To deceive individuals into investing in fictitious forex funds, criminals may pose as genuine forex brokers or investment platforms that don't exist.

The names and registration numbers of a legitimate forex broker are often used by scammers. The FCA registration should always be consulted, and only the contact information stated there should be used. Scammers often claim that the phone numbers they are using are invalid because they are outdated.

Investors have been duped into paying crooks by using cloned websites.

New members are recruited into investing clubs that promise to give advice and data that aid in successful forex transactions in forex pyramid scams.

Members of these programs pay a monthly or annual fee and are rewarded for bringing in new members by paying a commission.

This is a fraud in which money is made through membership fees instead of genuine forex trading gains. Because you advance up the pyramid and 'earn' more money as more members join, the program is known as a pyramid scam.

Leaders often end a scheme and pocket the money when they can no longer attract new members or membership begins to decline.

Avoid falling victim to a currency scam by keeping an eye out for these warning indications:

  • An uninvited offer of a currency investment opportunity is usually a fraud. Never provide your personal information or send money to a company that asks for this.
  • There is no such thing as a "risk-free" investment, since there is always some element of risk associated with it.
  • Returns that are unrealistic: Forex scammers sometimes offer unrealistically high returns on your first investment. Any business that promises to make you wealthy fast via investing is most likely a scam.
  • If a corporation puts pressure on you to invest soon, it's probably a scam. Scammers will offer incentives like bonuses or discounts to get you to spend immediately.
  • Scammers are increasingly advertising fake investment opportunities on social media. Images and videos of expensive goods are often used to deceive investors into making a purchase.

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