How To Start A Profitable Courier Service?

Across the globe, before and after the pandemic, e-commerce companies saw a huge surge. The eCommerce company makes shopping easier by delivering the required product to the customer right at the doorsteps. With the eCommerce boom, even the courier companies witnessed huge growth as it complements the services provided by the eCommerce companies. A courier service picks the product from the manufacturer or the service person, packs it if required, and after doing the required documents deliver the product to the customer. Therefore, starting a courier company is a lucrative business in the current time where with low investment, the owner can expect a high return. If you are planning to start a courier company to leverage the benefit, here is what you need to know before diving into the trend. 

1. Choosing the reliable vehicle

The vehicle is of prominent importance when starting a courier company. The mode of transportation used by the company will decide how fast and how much the vehicle can deliver. The size of the vehicle should depend on the consignment size that you want to deliver. Big courier companies like Emirates Post have reliable vehicles to ensure smooth delivery of the end product to the customer. It is important to ensure that the vehicle that you choose is spacious to minimize the number of trips. 

2. Buying the essential items 

In addition to getting a vehicle, it is also important to buy a few essential pieces of equipment that are used by almost all the courier companies including TCS. The basic requirements involve products that are used during packaging and carrying the consignment. For instance, it is a good idea to have cartons of different sizes to pack a different kind of consignment. The quality and size of the cartoon will depend on the heaviness and the size of the product that needs to be delivered. For delivering heavy consignments, a hand truck and dollies will be required. Other basic items that have made it to the list include tapes of different kinds, cargo straps and moving blankets. 

3. Website

Everything is online nowadays and therefore, to create a reputable brand, it is important to have a website. On your website, in addition to the services that you provide, you should also make the payment rates clear. While showcasing the payment rate on the website, you need to keep in mind the expenses that you will bear and the profit that you want to earn. However, simply keeping these things in mind is not sufficient as the rate that you provide should be a competitive rate to increase your chances of being chosen. It is a good idea to do research on the current price rate before you list out the same on your website. 

4. Insurance

Insurance is a must for your courier company to ensure that all the eventuality is covered. There are plenty of insurances available, however, the most common insurances that a courier company opts for includes vehicle insurance and liability insurance. Getting insured is a must because it will save a hefty sum of bills if something goes wrong. Also, having insurance creates a trust factor with your customers. Before choosing insurance to meet your needs, compare the different kinds of insurance provided by diverse companies before choosing the one that best meets your requirement. 

5. Marketing 

After doing all the documentation, creating a website and having the essential equipment with you, you need to get started with marketing your company to increase visibility. Social media marketing is huge now and it is important for you to invest in such marketing to ensure that you reach the right customer. If you are serious about providing your services, it is important that you reach out to the concerned person for the same via email or LinkedIn which are designed for professional communication. 

Once the ball starts rolling, it is important to ensure that you provide a service that is hard to match. You can ensure the same by promptly providing the details of the shipment to customers along with a provision to track it. Further, it is important to ensure that the product is delivered before or on time for gaining a satisfied customer. For any courier company, the delivery time in addition to the safe delivery of the product plays a huge role in creating a brand name. 

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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