How to Make Marinated Bangus

Marinated bangus are now available in most wet markets in urban areas although these are made using garlic and crushed pepper corn instead of the pickling solution described below. Those marketed through supermarkets are packed in plastic, frozen and properly labelled. They are serve fried. Marinated Bangus (Guevarra et al, 1978) Ingredients (Good for one fish) 200 to 220 grams Milkfish (butterfly fillet) Saturated brine (25% salt solution), to cover fish totally Vinegar, to cover fish totally 15 grams Sliced onions 6 grams Sliced red pepper Pickling Solution 33 ml Water 66 ml Vinegar 25 grams Sugar 1.5 grams Cloves 1.1 grams Ground pepper Procedure: 1. Soak the butterfly fillet milkfish in the saturated brine for 12 hours. 2. Drain-off the fish and wash quickly. 3. Soak in vinegar for another 12 hours. 4. Drain and place in suitable container (e.g. plastic bag.) Add sliced onions and red pepper. 5. Simmer pickling sauce mixture for 15 minutes. Cool. Add to fish in glass jars or any suitable container. Source: (Wilfredo G. Yap, Antonio C. Villaluz, Ma. Gracia G. Soriano, and Mary Nia Santos) Milkfish Production and Processing Technologies in the Philippines

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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