Coco Coir Business Integration and Development program (COCOBIND)

Coco Coir Business Integration and Development program (COCOBIND) Program Objectives: * To contribute to the creation of business and employment opportunities for the coconut farmers and their families. * To contribute to the further development of the coco-coir industry in the country. Eligible Borrowers: * Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) * People’s Organizations (POs) * Primary Cooperatives and Coop-Federations * Industry Associations * Single Proprietor * Private Corporations Financial Products and Services: * Loan (Term Loan, Credit Line) * Guarantee * Equity/Joint Venture Terms/Requirements: Loan Amount: Minimum of P500 Thousand (Maximum of P5.0 Million for first time borrowers) Interest Rate: 90-day TBill Rate + (5 - Project’s EEI rating) + Service Fee + VAT Maturity/ Repayment: One to five years maturity; Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payments of principal and interest. Security: (any or combination of the following) * Real Estate Mortgage * Chattel Mortgage * Deed of Assignment * Joint and Several Suretyship (JSS) Agreement Contact Details: FOUNDATION FOR A SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY, INC. (FSSI) Unit E, 46 Samar Avenue cor. Eugenio Lopez Street South Triangle, Quezon City Mr. Ariel Nones Program Manager Telefax: (632) 928.8671 E-mail: URL:

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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