8 Best Courses To Help You Prepare For Government Exams

The Civil Service Examination conducted by the Republic Of The Philippines is one of the toughest exams. After qualifying it, one becomes eligible to work in the public sector which provides respect, a stable income and job security and hence, people prefer to prepare for the exam. Currently, Civil Service Examination is conducted in two levels: Sub-Professional and Professional. The Subprofessional level is designed for high school graduates to meet the requirements of custodial, crafts and clerical work. On the other hand, the Professional examination is designed for filling the position of both first-level and second-level government positions. 

Important topics that one needs to prepare for this examination include Basic math operations and problems, Grammar and vocabulary, The Philippine Constitution, The Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts and Environment Management and Project. Here is a list of seven courses that will help you to prepare for Government Jobs in the country through the Civil Service Examination.

1. Philippine Constitutional Law: Basic Concepts 

The course is available on YouTube for free and it is designed by Law for the Common Tao. Within an hour, after completing the video, one will have a clear idea about the Philippine Constitution, important definition, the purpose of the constitution, classification, other means of interpretation and the Preamble. Just like in the Philippines, even the UPSC aspirants of India read about their constitution to increase their chances of finding their name in Sarkari Result. This makes it clear that no matter in which country you are from, if you are preparing for a public sector job, having knowledge about the constitution is a must. 

2. Code Of Conduct And Ethical Standards For Public Officials And Employees 

This video is created by CD Duka Law that brushes topics like the Declaration of Policy, important definitions of the subject, norms of conduct of public officials and employees, Republic Act No. 9485, Prohibited Acts and Transactions and many others. Watching the video will ensure that the ethical part of the question paper is covered. 

3. Human Rights 

An entire course on Humans Rights by Peace Operations Training Institute is provided. The course comprises 15 lessons. The first lesson is about History and Philosophical Foundations of Human Rights followed by other lessons like Developing Legally Binding Human Rights, Enforcement Mechanisms by the UN, Regional and other actors. In addition to that, it also throws light on collective rights, human rights of vulnerable people and during armed conflict. 

4. Global Environmental Management

This course is offered by the Technical University of Denmark and is available on Coursera. The Global Environmental Management course is taught by Henrik Bregnhoj and Steffen Foss Hansen. The course can be completed in five weeks, provided the student completes one module in a week. The syllabus of the course includes global trends, environment management, utility management, technologies for the built environment and other technologies. 

5. English Grammar Lesson 

This lesson is offered by Oxford Online English and will help the student to brush up the basic grammar skills. After completing the course, one will get to understand sentence structure, tense, modal verbs, adverbs, parts of speech, adjectives, nouns, unconditional sentences and articles. 

6. All About GRE Vocabulary

This course is offered by Magoosh. Even though the vocabulary included in this course is designed for the GRE examination, it is a very good course to improve the vocabulary in general. The videos available under the playlist to understand more about compound words, misleading words and even commonly confused words. 

7. Math offered by Khan Academy 

The maths course offered by Khan Academy is diverse. One can use the platform to learn and revise the foundation course on mathematics. In addition to that, the platform can be used to learn also about algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability and many more. The self-learning feature of the platform allows the student to learn at their very own pace. 

8. Smart Live Class with Shaun

The Civil Service Examination also tests the reading comprehension and paragraph organization skills of the aspirant. The Smart Live Class With Shaun available on YouTube is therefore helpful as it teaches how to write a paragraph, paraphrasing and also provides tips to improve the reading comprehension skill of the student. 

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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