7 Best Dropshipping Tips for Crazy Sales in 2021-22

Nowadays, online retail is not a new business concept or trend, but eCommerce stores keep evolving and finding alternative ways to simplify sales operations. Dropshipping is definitely a rising star in this field because it allows almost anyone with the Internet connection to launch their own business online.

According to the report, nearly 30% of online retailers have already adopted dropshipping. The global dropshipping market size already goes well above $100 billion, but it is projected to grow by 28% in the next five years.

What makes this business strategy so beneficial? We will name only the most important reasons:

  • Dropshipping requires very little upfront costs as it only requires you to launch an eCommerce website
  • It simplifies the overall logistics since there are fewer touchpoints and product transportations
  • Listing new products to your digital store represents a quick and easy process
  • This sort of business does not require any storage capacity of physical location from your side
  • The whole process is practically effortless compared to eCommerce companies that deal with warehouse operations, packaging, handling returns, and so on.

The advantages of dropshipping are evident, but how can you outperform competitors and take your sales potential to the maximum? Keep reading to find out the top seven dropshipping tips!

1. Test Products before Going Live

The biggest mistake a dropshipping firm can make is to order a bunch of products and begin selling them before testing. Although it may seem irrelevant, the truth is that the actual item is often very different from the one you are seeing on a wholesaler’s website.

In such circumstances, it is vital to see the product with your own eyes and test it before going live with it. Another reason to do it is that you want to get familiar with a given SKU because you need to describe it accurately in your product pages, which is how exactly we get to the second top on our list.

2. Customize Product Descriptions

In case you haven’t noticed, way too many dropshipping websites use literally the same product descriptions. How come? The answer is easy – they all take the same description from the same supplier and fail to adjust it.

Your job is to change and customize product descriptions. If you need the writing help of experts, you can apply to the top essay services.

  • Firstly, customized product descriptions help your website stand out in the crowd of similar eCommerce stores.
  • Secondly, product pages that are customized look better in the eyes of search engine crawlers since they are not interpreted as duplicate content.

3. Work with Multiple Suppliers to Diversify Risks

Studies show that 84% of eCommerce retailers cite the initial stages of finding and securing a good supplier to be the biggest obstacle to getting their business going. It shouldn't surprise you since finding a trustworthy partner in a constantly-evolving business environment is seldom easy.

The question you should ask now is: What can I do to minimize the risk?

Our suggestion is to work with multiple suppliers because it’s the only way to diversify risks. Even if you find an ideal partner, don’t let it be the only option at your disposal because you never know what might change in the months to come. Besides that, cooperation with multiple suppliers gives you greater negotiation power.

4. Publish Relevant Niche-Related Content

This tip is not directly related to your sales objectives, but it will make a huge effect on your dropshipping business in the long run. Namely, your website should not only contain product pages and contact forms but also lots of quality niche-related content.

The average customer engages with three to five pieces of content before taking any further action, which means that informative and educational posts serve as the bait and prove the credibility of your company. You must take advantage of this fact and attract fresh leads with top-level website content.

5. Use Automation Tools to Support Your Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping does not require expert knowledge, but it forces you to be active around the clock. This is, of course, a daunting task and you should make it easier by using automation tools. The market is currently flooded with amazing dropshipping platforms, so we will point out only a handful of our favourite solutions:

  • Inventory Source
  • Printful
  • Spark Shipping
  • Etail Solutions
  • Dropship Commerce

6. Deploy Chatbot Technology to Improve Customer Service

Dropshipping business has to be available 24/7 because online consumers never sleep. Such high levels of effort and dedication are impossible for any team of human agents, but chatbots can successfully replace them and drastically improve your customer service.

Chatbots are fully operational 24/7 and they don’t need to take breaks or vacation. They can replace an entire team of employees and answer the vast majority of users’ questions. Finally, chatbots learn and get smarter over time, but they can also redirect customers to the human agent in case of a serious product-related issue.

7. Solidify Your Ecommerce Website for Better User Experience

There's one more item on our to-do list and that is to strengthen your dropshipping website and ensure a better user experience. Three details are particularly significant:

  • Website navigation has to be simple and intuitive
  • Your website must be mobile-friendly because the number of smartphone shoppers is growing rapidly
  • The time needed for a webpage to load needs to reduce as visitors hate slow eCommerce websites

If you improve the website based on these three parameters, rest assured it will help you grow traffic and sales.

The Bottom Line

Dropshipping is the simplest eCommerce format, but this is exactly what makes the business so competitive. If you want to skyrocket sales results, you need to use cutting-edge dropshipping techniques like the ones we discussed above. Let us remind you of the basics:

  • Test products before going live
  • Customize product descriptions
  • Work with multiple suppliers to diversify risks
  • Publish relevant niche-related content
  • Use automation tools to support your dropshipping business
  • Deploy chatbot technology to improve customer service
  • Solidify your eCommerce website for a better user experience

Use these hacks and your dropshipping company will skyrocket sales in 2022!

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