10 Side Hustle Ideas That Only Requires A Laptop

Side hustle has become a popular approach to ensure that you make a profit while following your passion without compromising with your main job. The good thing about a side hustle is that only the sky's the limit for it and with the main job at hand, it allows an individual to experiment with other ventures, something which is important before making an important career shift. In simple language, a side hustle is a job that allows you to make more money in addition to the day job. Before starting a side hustle, it is important to address three questions. Firstly, will you be able to fit your side hustle into your current schedule? Secondly, are you passionate about the niche of the side hustle that you want to work on and thirdly, will you be able to earn enough that quenches your thirst? Thankfully, engaging in a side hustle is possible only with the help of a laptop. Here are ten side hustle ideas that require only a laptop. 

1. Writing on Medium 

If you love to read and write, starting a blog might look like an obvious idea. Even though owning a blog sounds very interesting, monetizing it can be sometimes painful. However, Medium which also works as a blog makes the entire process of earning through writing a super simple task. The Medium’s Partner programme rewards a writer in a fashion similar to Lottery Sambad for the stories that they create. The only catch is that the published post should be good enough to go viral. 

2. Creating design 

Creating designs for businesses like print-on-demand is both profitable and fun. If you love creating designs on platforms like Canva or Adobe Photoshop, being a designer or starting your very own print-on-demand business is a good idea. However, if you are planning to start a business with it, you will also need to invest in the products where the design will be printed. 

3. Promote products on Instagram

With many influencers flooding Instagram, it has become a top job for many millennials. You can harness the power of Instagram to create a niche and then subsequently, promote other brands in it. For starting this side hustle, it is important to have a good number of followers. 

4. Dropshipping business 

In the dropshipping business, you need to simply be the middle person to deliver the product from the manufacturer to the customer. The entire business requires low investment but promises high returns just like Bhutan State Lottery. Further, the risk is also low as you do not need to store any inventory. 

5. Start a YouTube channel 

No matter whether you are a camera-shy person or not, trying your hands on creating content on YouTube is a must. Depending upon your choice of interest, you can create almost all kinds of video content on YouTube. Starting a “How-To” channel is a great idea. If you have a professional degree, you can use your knowledge to teach other people. Further, once the basic requirement is meant, you can also start monetizing it too. 

6.  Teach an online course 

If you are confident about the knowledge that you have in any particular topic, you can start teaching an online course for the same. Platforms like Udemy are great for individuals who are subject experts and know how to teach. People who share the same interest as yours wanting to learn more will pay to get the information for sure. 

7. Freelancing 

Freelancing is a great side hustle that not only will help you in following your passion but also if done rightly can help you in building a great portfolio too. There are plenty of freelance jobs available like freelance writers, designers, programmers and whatnot. Depending upon your interests and knowledge, you can start freelancing anytime. 

8. Proofread 

If you are good with spelling and grammar but are not very interested in writing, then proofreading is the right side hustle for you. Many people are good at writing but they mess things up when it comes to grammar, as a proofreader you can fill that gap to provide the final piece of content. 

9. Start a blog 

If you are not interested in writing on Medium but are sure that you have enough patience to earn money through blogging, you should start blogging. Again, blogging gives you a wide number of options to follow your passion. Blogging simply does not mean writing, you can also use a blog to showcase your photography skills. 

10. Start an Etsy shop

If you are a creative person, you should leverage the opportunity that an Etsy business can give you. Many creative people prefer to use Etsy to sell their art and even printables and thankfully, there are plenty of buyers too. Creating a digital product on Etsy allows you to follow your passion and maintain a good bank account. Also, digital products are one time jobs that make the entire process fun and easy. 

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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