Top Cryptocurrencies that Performed Well in 2021

Cryptocurrency is something that is making sure to get itself heard by more and more people. The crypto universe is becoming omnipresent, a phenomenon that is rather an outcome of recent developments. But it is not only a mere social media craze as it has been around the corner long since 2009.

Let us first see what investing in crypto means

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Investing in cryptocurrency is a tricky thing as, at the crux of any cryptocurrency, there is an uncertainty of value, the volatility that surrounds the crypto universe and which through time, has become a part and parcel of cryptocurrencies.

Let us now move on to a list of the top cryptocurrencies that performed well in 2021.

1. Bitcoin

The first cryptocurrency ever, it is to date the most valuable amongst other cryptocurrencies and has a present market capitalization of more than $856 billion. It sets a mark for others to chase. The month of April in 2021 saw a new record high of Bitcoin, which then circulated in the market for $65,000 per coin. However, it was also one of the cryptocurrencies to badly experience the crash in May. Over the last year, Bitcoin’s value increased by 292.5%. Though it is the oldest cryptocurrency, it is still the most powerful.

2. Ethereum

While Bitcoin is, by all means, the largest cryptocurrency to exist, Ethereum is the one that follows. It took the second position back in 2018 and ever since then it has maintained its position. Founded in 2015, its market capitalization is a bit more than $357 billion. It performed well in the financial market of 2021, until the end of April when it reached a record high of $4260. However, following the crash, its value dropped down by half. Over the year, its value increased by 655%.

3. Binance Coin

Apart from BNB being a cryptocurrency, it is also a large crypto exchange company. As far as performance is concerned, Binance Coin did very well in 2021 and has enjoyed market highs as well. In May 2021 prices reached as high as $676 but soon suffered a crash which pulled its value down at a mere $207. The percentage of the weekly increase of its value has been small compared to other coins, but if seen from a distance, substantial gains can be noticed. In the past year, the value of the Binance Coin increased by 1750%. Its present market capitalization is at $70 billion.

4. Cardano

Cardano is a green cryptocurrency and was noted by enthusiasts for its early welcoming of the proof-of-stake method - a more environment-friendly way by which new coins come into the market. The founder of Cardano stated that it uses less than 0.01% of the total energy consumed by Bitcoin to carry out its operations. As a result, a lot of eyes turned towards this particular cryptocurrency during the Elon Musk episode. Its market capitalization is over $69 billion.

5. Tether

Cryptocurrencies are essentially volatile, but unlike most of the cryptocurrencies, Tether falls into the category of stablecoin. This is because it has been able to maintain a stable track record of its value across the financial market. Consistency has always been an important issue and though Tether has a much lower market value, it still manages to consistently keep its value around $1 per coin. Investors from around the world often prefer Tether over any other cryptocurrency due to this very exact reason of being a consistent performer. The market capitalization of Tether is over $64 billion.


The value of cryptocurrencies is in general volatile, so it is difficult for Altcoins to hold their place in the market for a long time. However, before investing in any cryptocurrency whatsoever, it is advised to check their performance for better clarity.

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