Huawei Watch Fit: Design, Built-Quality, and Value for Money

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Owning a premium smart device and affordability doesn’t seem to go hand in hand nowadays. Like the ones we actually need aren’t exactly budget-friendly. Can you relate? I’m sure you would encounter this dilemma as you’re searching for a reliable fitness watch that can accommodate your daily needs at the same time. Fortunately, many big tech companies like Huawei are well aware of such concerns, which is why they’re more focused on providing the general public flagship-material smart devices at an affordable rate.

And one perfect example of Huawei’s commitment to quality and affordability is the Huawei Watch Fit. For today’s article, I will talk about the notable specifications of the device and why they’re the perfect partner for your fitness and health goals and everyday activities as well. So without further delays, let’s begin…

Design and Form Factor

The Design of the Huawei Watch Fit is characterized by its rectangular bezels and slightly curved body case. Such a feature is advantageous in the sense that it perfectly conforms to the shape of your wrists which prevents the item from dangling around while you’re on the move. Also, the item is very comfortable to wear because it’s very light which only weighs approximately 21g without the straps.

In addition, the Watch Fit offers a 1.64 inch and 480 x 280 pixels AMOLED LCD display that emits sharp and crisp images even if placed under direct sunlight. The item is also dust-proof and graded with a 5 ATM water-resistant. With this being said—you no longer have to worry about external elements damaging your fitness watch, and you can just focus on the activity at hand.

Lastly, the watch is available in multiple colors that include cantaloupe orange, sakura pink, graphite black, and mint green. But don’t worry if you can’t choose at the moment. This is because the straps of the Huawei Fit Watch are interchangeable, which allows you to change colors from time to time, depending on your current mood and style.

Operating System and Features

Operating System and Features

Unlike other Huawei smartwatches that are running on Kirin A1 chipset, the Huawei Watch Fit is equipped with a DK3.5+ST microprocessor and 4GB ROM memory. It may not be the same level as the Kirin A1, but it can still deliver a reliably responsive user interface as you navigate from one application to another. In regards to connectivity, the Watch Fit supports smartphones that operate on Android 5 or higher version and iOS 9.0 or later for individuals using Apple products.

As for the sensors, it has several sensor capabilities that enable the device to generate precise fitness tracking, health evaluation, and GPS coordinates. Some of the sensors include ambient light sensors, 6-axis IMU (gyroscope and accelerometer), capacitive sensor, and optical heart rate sensor.

Battery Life and Performance

Battery Life and Performance

The smartwatch is equipped with a 180 mAh secondary Li-ion battery. This is a superb capability in a fitness watch that can deliver a maximum of 10 days of power in a single. However, you have to take note that each application requires different power consumption. With this in mind, the 10-day battery life guarantee may not be reached if you are constantly using its more advanced applications. Nevertheless, the battery capacity of the Huawei Watch Fit is the best in the market.

The last thing I want to mention here, it uses a magnetic charging port, and a single charging session of the smartwatch would only take about one and a half-hour.

Price and Availability

If you’re planning to own a Huawei Fit Watch, you only have to prepare a budget of ?4,999. The item is a mid-range fitness watch, and it is already very affordable compared to its competition. However, if, for some reason, the cost of the Watch Fit is still expensive for your taste, then you’d be excited to know that the item is included in the special discounted period of the company. And if you decide to buy them now, they are only cost ?3,999! That’s a total savings of ?1,000!

Since Huawei is an established tech company with ventures spread across all corners of the globe, I am pretty sure that you could find at least one outlet near your local area. But in any case, that you can’t find any, you can always buy the Watch Fit in Huawei’s official online store. By visiting the site, also allows you to know more about the item and discover additional discounts you can avail of in addition to your purchase.

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Our Verdict: Value for Money

As I mentioned earlier, the Huawei fit watch is among the best fitness watch on the market. They are definitely a great value for your money if you’re specifically looking for a premium fitness watch that can help you with your health and fitness goals at a very budget-friendly price. With this being said—be sure to check out the Huawei Watch Fit the next time you’re shopping for a flagship-material fitness watch!

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