How to Start Your Own Electronics Repair Shop Business

Story 476683212 Are you thinking to start your own Electronics Repair Shop Business? With an increasing new electronic products reaching the markets everyday, It is no wonder that there is a high demand for electronic repair technicians. As a result, Electronics repairing has become a lucrative business. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"]electronics repair shop photo Photo by SurfaceWarriors [/caption] Electronics repair isn't a job for novices. Before you open for business, you should have at least some training either through an electronics repair apprenticeship or vocational school programs. Get at least a certificate in basic electronics or its equivalent through electronic courses. You can go far beyond this by continuing your education and skills training. Of course, the higher the level you desire, the better. What You Need to Get Started in an Electronics Repair Shop Business * You need a conducive work area where you can perform your repairs. The workshop should have electrical outlets, good lighting and well-ventilated area. * A business license and bonding, if necessary in your area. Visit here How to Register Your Business (Tagalog version). Find out what are required. * Electronic Repair Tools or Testing Equipment. This is a basic requirement in starting up your own electronics repair shop. Make sure you have all the necessary repairing tools in your workshop before you render a repairing service to your customers. * Electronics parts suppliers. All the parts necessary to replace any defective electronic parts can be source from your suppliers. That's why having a business contact suppliers that you can trust is vital. Find a reliable supplier. Try to build a good business relationship with them and ask a discount from your suppliers if possible. * Having a knowledge in just basic electronic repair is not enough because the competition is so great nowadays, you may need some additional training to improve your repair skill or some other courses that can help you to diversify into another field. Get familiarized yourself in repairing other electronic products like cellphones, TV, MP3 players, DVD players, computers, home appliances and other electronic machineries. Marketing Strategy for your Electronics Repair Shop Business Here are some marketing ideas to consider: 1. Give out Flyers, brochures and coupons to people in your local area. 2. Direct mailers 3. Give Freebies and Discounts 4. Advertise in Newspapers or Yellow Pages 5. Advertise also in Radio or in billboards 6. Web banners on local information sites 7. Make a website. A website can also help promote your electronics repair shop business, as most potential customers may search online for electronics repair services in their area. Make sure to outline your services offered and be specific as possible. Clearly indicate your address, email, telephone number or cellphone. Here is a Sample Business Plan for Electronics Repair Shop Business. Just click the link. - Sample Business Plan for Cellphone Repair Service Business. Sources:,

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