How to help increase customer loyalty with EWallet

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In this article, we want to tell you about prepaid wallets eWallet.

They represent a flexible cashless solution ideal for various transactions. Open solutions most often refer to mobile or electronic material means. In the case of a closed solution, prepaid cards or merchant vouchers are used.

Ewallet in Singapore can be used to grow your payment business. Thanks to the application, it will be easier for you to start your own business in the presented area.


The presence of regular customers is the key to the success of any business. Casual clients tend to spend significantly less money than regular clients. You can get random people to buy your product or service with flashy ads and other tricks. However, building trust with the client will be much more beneficial for both parties. There are several useful strategies that best tool to implement business application is the:

  • Get the best customer service. It is important for customers to be able to contact an employee about a problem, misunderstanding, complaint or suggestion. And more importantly, to be heard;
  • Make the work with the client convenient. The best way to attract a customer is to make your service simple, fast, and efficient. Consider how to keep your customers from racking their brains trying to figure out how to use your website or app, or asking for help without getting feedback;
  • Reward Customers - Any loyalty must be rewarded, and what better way than creating a loyalty program? Show your gratitude by providing your customers with discounts, gifts, bonus points, exclusive offers, and more.

EWallet is a simple business solution that allows you to use all the features mentioned above.

Key components of the platform

Wallet include: a

  • processing platform. It assists in the production and management of prepaid payment solutions such as electronic or mobile goods;
  • various user interfaces. For example, mWallet is mobile software for smartphones running on Android or iOS operating systems;
  • interfaces for sellers. QR POS is an application for mobile devices based on Android, iOS;
  • administrative panels.

Varieties of wallets

  • client. It is a prepaid payment tool used by end users. Thanks to him, you can pay and make transfers;
  • trade. This system is used by sellers to receive funds from customers;
  • agent wallet. Thanks to him, you can convert cash into electronic funds. It allows end users to deposit money into the eWallet and receive funds back from e-wallets. And also carry out various transactions;
  • issuing. It is used for the issuer of electronic currencies.

Varieties of operations

  • depositing funds;
  • receiving funds;
  • their reservation;
  • cancellation of transactions.

Variety of tools

To replenish eWallet cash may be used, different types of wallets, including crypto wallet,cards, bank accounts.
We hope our article helped you understand what an EWallet wallet is, as well as its main features and benefits. Make your business more profitable.

Development of e-commerce services with a mobile wallet

An Internet wallet is an ideal solution for businesses in any field. The easiest way to create an e-wallet for yourself is to use the services of a professional development team, such as Wallet Factory. mWallet is a white label application that is great for merchants as it is easily adaptable to the needs of each client. The cost of software development depends on the number of settings and built-in features:

  • Attract new customers - Technologies such as QR technology for cashless payments and contactless technology (NFC) make transactions much faster. The flow of customers passes faster, at the same time, more new users learn about your products;
  • Build loyal relationships with your customers - the e-wallet app is a great platform for creating a convenient payment system. For example, an online offline system allows you to order goods or services over the Internet and then receive them in a store;
  • Save money with a white label solution. These applications have a ready-to-use software product, so there is no need to develop it from scratch. Maintenance also does not require any additional costs;
  • Engage your customers - e-wallets are equipped with a variety of tools that make it easy to manage bonuses, discounts and loyalty gifts for both business owners and their customers.

Convenient loyalty program with e-wallet

e-wallet is an application designed specifically to simplify online transactions for both companies and their customers. Wallet Factory is carefully developing the software for this digital payment platform to improve the usability. The development price depends on the required features. Each application is fully customized and includes several functions that help to gain customer loyalty:

  • Payments by QR code - this technology allows you to pay for a product or service without leaving your car;
  • Card management - e-wallets have convenient software that will help you keep all your cards in one place;
  • Convenient payment - various payment methods are also supported. This includes credit cards, e-money, bank accounts, etc .;
  • Pay utility bills - You will be able to pay utility bills through this application.
  • Financial management - the system is built conveniently and accessible, so each client will be able to manage their money and transactions online. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, this function will allow you to create your own financial wallet effortlessly;
  • Instant Transactions - You can instantly send money to anyone using their phone number.

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