Green Screen Background – Learning About This Component in Detail

You might have heard of the term green screen but have no clue what it actually means or how does it work. If you are in some of the particular entertainment businesses like TV shows, news anchoring or films, you know the importance that green screen background holds.

It is one of the major components of the TV and film production process, also stated as Chroma keying. Here, the foregrounded action is well combined with separately constructed or filmed background footage.

The procedure takes place by making the film actors working in front of the large and bright screens, made in green color. Then the green screens are isolated and removed from that green color range and finally replaced with a different background. This way, directors can get what they want regarding the location, without moving out from the studio.

Why used in the film production line:

The green screen will actually help the production to remain within sound stage but depicting multiple locations. There are many uses for this particular technique in the Hollywood film making section, most of which are associated with special effects. There are some vital examples which you can accomplish with the help of green screen. So, make sure to cover those points now.

  • Placing the actors into some of the life-threatening situations for that exhilarating movie scene
  • Transporting the characters back through time or in some of the difficulty filming environments like the outer space
  • Perfect for superhero films, where you can make the actors fly with the green screen in the background
  • Moving the chosen actors or characters to the computer based or animated backdrops
  • Shrinking or even enlarging any character relative to the chosen background
  • Making a scene like two actors sharing a screen, when in reality, actions have been filmed separately and then combined using the power of Chroma key

Don’t forget to light up the screen first before lighting the subject:

Most people make a huge mistake with green screen associated with screen lighting. You should not light up the screen and the subject together as one. For any colored or Chroma background, it is always better to light the screen first. It has to be lit up evenly at around 40 to 50% luminance.

  • It is always vital to go for the nom-directional and diffused lighting, which will hit the screen right from the above.
  • Sometimes, you might have to go for the multiple premium quality light setup for lighting the screen and room.
  • Make sure to measure the light on screen first with waveform monitor. It will help you to know if the screen is lit well. For that, you will see a flat line on monitor.

Get in from experts:

If you are opening an entertainment line and desperately need some green screens for the area, then log online and procure the top-notch items from the reliable manufacturers. Being in this field for a long time, you can always expect the best and top-notch quality items from these sources.

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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