GoDaddy Studio is Now Available in the Philippines

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Allows small business owners to easily create and design branded content for their website and across social media and email marketing activities   

September 6, 2021 GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that empowers everyday entrepreneurs worldwide, announced that GoDaddy Studio integrated directly with GoDaddy Websites + Marketing, and making it easier for Filipino small businesses to create beautiful professional images across their digital presence, is now available in the Philippines.   

GoDaddy studio

GoDaddy Studio has been launched in response to the need of small business owners who are currently navigating the online marketplace to have eye-catching and professional content to help stand out in crowded social media feeds. According to recent findings from HubSpot, when a Facebook post has images, it earns 2.3 times more engagement than it would have if it had been a text-only post.    

The challenge of designing content often can become a time-consuming endeavor for entrepreneurs and small business owners, many of whom feel that they are non-designers. GoDaddy Studio enables users to upload and edit images and videos to create stunning and thematic product shots and promotional cards from their laptops and their mobile phones.  

GoDaddy Studio also has thousands of customizable templates and easy-to-use tools that give small business owners a variety of options to develop visual assets to use across their digital channels. Choices include logos, ads, and branded videos that suit a range of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. GoDaddy Studio tools can also create email marketing materials, online store product images, and website content.    

“At GoDaddy, we are committed to providing solutions for entrepreneurs to create a strong online presence. With GoDaddy Studio, small business owners can easily create eye-catching content that helps capture the attention of potential customers while engaging current ones and keep them interested in coming back,” said Norman Barrientos, Director of Marketing, GoDaddy Southeast Asia.    

Customers can get started using GoDaddy Studio for free by downloading the mobile App for IOS or Android, or by visiting GoDaddy Studio. Customers who already have GoDaddy Websites + Marketing suite have access to all premium features included in GoDaddy Studio.  The Websites and Marketing suite also includes social media and digital marketing tools and is currently offered starting at P 299 per month.    

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