7 Important Marketing Tips When Relocating a Business

Many businesses relocate to another location to cut down their operating costs, expand their market reach, or improve their store's facilities. Whatever the reason for the relocation, you must inform your customers about the change.

relocating a business

Leaving your customers uninformed about relocations can damage the reputation of your brand in terms of customer service. More importantly, it can reduce sales. To prevent such consequences, you must use all forms of marketing channels to inform your customers about the relocation of your physical store.

Below are a couple of marketing tips that you can follow while relocating your business:

1. Spread the Word Before Relocating

Whether your brand is shifting to a block right across a street or to another city, you must begin informing your customers at least 3 weeks before moving out of your current location. Engage with your customers online and let them know about the shifting through social media platforms and e-mails.

When creating campaigns about your repositioning, make sure that the date of the relocation, period of service closure, and date of reopening is mentioned. These details are necessary to prevent any inconvenience for your customers.

If such details are ignored, customers may feel frustrated when trying to avail your service or visit your premise when you're out of order.

2. Keep Updating Content on all Marketing Channels

To make sure that the news of your brand's relocation reaches every customer who has engaged with it, keep content on your marketing channels up to date. This way, other businesses, and customers can stay aware of what is happening within your business.

For example, an international mover's company should regularly update their social media channels and websites so enterprises planning to relocate can easily find their address. If the contact information is incorrect, you stand to lose potential customers.

Discontinuing your marketing strategy due to renovation coming around can cause you to lose a strong connection developed through months of marketing campaigns. Keep your marketing channels afresh with content relevant to your services.

Demonstrate the benefits your company can provide through its services. This will enable you to maintain and strengthen the connection between your brand and the customers.

3. Share Insights about Company's Work Culture

To build a strong connection between your brand and the target audience, you must share your employee experience through business relocation. Customers are likely to connect with such a brand that looks after its employees' wellbeing.

Sharing the insights of your work culture with your audience is an important marketing strategy. It allows you to build up hype and excitement in customers about your business opening in a new location.

4. Verify Your Online Business Listings

The more listings your business has online, the better the visibility your brand gets. However, you must authenticate the information stated in these listings weekly. This will help you to modify any information related to your company's location, serving hours, etc.

If your company has been relocated, you have to verify that all listings mentioning your company are displaying accurate information. If not, changes have to be made as soon as possible. One way to validate your business listings is by requesting the delivery of a postcard to your new location.

Google My Business facilitates such a method of verification and enables you to make any final changes in your listing after the verification process. However, it also provides your business's details based on information available on directory sites (such as Yelp, Yahoo, or even social media platforms).

If these directory sites have outdated information, you must make sure that they're rectified or removed to prevent any confusion. Otherwise, the listing displayed on your Google My Business profile can be reverted to the information mentioned in those sites.

5. Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Once you've shifted to your new location, it's a good initiative to evaluate your marketing strategy and identify the strengths and weaknesses in your digital marketing techniques. Utilize marketing campaigns that proved effective in reaching out to your target audience.

Tweaking your marketing strategy might not be an issue if you're shifting to the same area. However, if it's relocation to another city or country, then you need to conduct enough research about which marketing campaigns suit best to that area.

When you've decided the opening date of your new office, make sure that you use appropriate marketing strategies to inform new and old customers. For instance, SMS, e-mail, and social media marketing can be effective for sending short "important" or "for your attention" notices to your old customers, whereas you can use paid advertising to raise awareness about your brand's opening in the new location.

6. Enhance Your Brand Identity

Relocating your business to a new spot means that you can reform and enhance your brand identity. It allows you to enhance your brand's branding and logo according to the preferences of your new local community.  

With the help of digital marketing experts, you can revamp your business's message in such a manner that it reflects in your marketing campaigns, allowing you to retain old customers and entice new prospects.

7. Seek Assistance of a Digital Marketing Expert

Shifting isn't an easy job as it requires packing all of your office equipment, assurance of safe shipment to your new office, and arranging the new office. These tasks are energy demanding and may take up most of your and your employees' time, making it difficult to update your business profiles and marketing strategies.

If that's the case, you can partner up with a digital marketing company in your new location. They can assist you in updating your business listings as well as reshaping your marketing strategy according to the new location's marketing trends.


Relocating your business is an opportunity for experimenting with new marketing techniques. Share the news about your relocation with your customer base and continue to engage with your target audience. We hope that with these essential marketing tips, your business can boost sales revenue and conversion rates.

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