7 Awesome Inspiring Marketing Strategies for Your Film to Get More Viewers

Film is a larger medium. Artist perceive this medium as larger than life. There is a difference in marketing strategy of films as compared to dramas and TV shows. It has been observed that there is an entire hype created for the promotion of film. There are incredible trailers launched prior the official launch of film. Timing plays a crucial role in the marketing of film as you have to build maximum hype and awareness about the film in minimum time. Film is mostly viewed on the basis of content along with other factors. While designing a marketing strategy for film, content of film is a huge plus that you can take help from the content of the film and design your strategy around the main theme of the film. If you are viewing marketing of the film as a rocket science, then it is not true. There is not any formula for designing the successful marketing strategy of film. You have to learn from your colleagues and fellows who are in media. Grasp the lessons that how they came up with the successful marketing strategy. There is more to learn from the marketing strategies that have failed over the period of time. You can identify the mistakes that are made in such strategies and make a promise not to repeat them in designing your marketing strategy.

get more viewers

1. Extra ordinary:

It is still true that word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tactic. It is recommended to do something extra ordinary in order to gather masses to view your film. You can do any publicity stunt based on your demography. Research suggests that publicity stunts for films have been more successful in the local areas where people love to watch media people in front of them. You can try any cultural thing of people of particular area so that they get happy watching you imitating their culture and lifestyle. In this way, you film will get a recognition and identification among the masses and they will start talking about it and that is what the idea is all about.

2. Pre Roll Video Advertising:

Pre-roll video advertising is the form of advertising in which you create a video and display it on different mediums where viewer get to view your video first before viewing any desired content. This form of advertising is very impactful. By displaying videos in this way, you sow a seed of interest in the viewer. You do not need to invest a large amount of money for such advertising. There is an advantage to you in terms of money that if the viewer skips the video after first 5 seconds, then you will not have to pay money to the online channel for displaying your video, If the user skips, still there will be an interest inculcated in his/her mind. Call to action phenomena also occurs in pre roll video advertising. It inculcates a sense of urgency in the viewer to do the action right now. The action can be any including liking of Facebook page of your film or to win the premier ticket by enrolling quickly. There are many other interesting ideas that you can try to intrigue the viewer’s interest.

3. Press junket:

Press junket is a press release where all the journalist gather to discuss everything about your film. In press release, main cast of film is used to be present along with the film producer, director and writer. Journalists, critics and reporters conduct the interviews of the film cast and film makers. So the event surrounds around your film. It is recommended to invite all types of journalists to the press release of your film. Do not limit the invitation to just the mainstream journalists rather invite the bloggers and social media influencers as well to the press release. It is recommended to arrange a press release in all the major cities to create a big hype. Make your event big by running a massive social media campaign about press release. You will see that press release will turn out to be a huge public event where masses gather to interact with their favorite actors.

4. Experience of viewers:

It is recommended to involve maximum viewers while promoting the film. Involving a viewer means to let the viewers experience the entire experience of the actors with other fans while promoting the film. It will develop a sense of connection and relatability in the viewer. Eventually your film will be shared by every viewer to their friends, fellows and colleagues and this circle will flow timelessly.

5. Internet Movie Database:

It is highly recommended to incorporate the internet movie database in your digital marketing strategy. It is because there are a lot of people who frequently check the IMDB to view the moves that are most suggested or most liked. Search about the films that get high rating on the IMDB.Fill the form carefully and be comprehensive about the information that you fill out in the form. Take maximum steps in order to drive maximum reviews. Understand the technical point of IMDB that is largely based on relevance and popularity. Develop your film page in IMDB and put maximum information over there. There are range of categories that you will find on IDMB.You can choose any category of your choice.

6. Involvement of audience:

Film promotions are the best way to engage the audience in the film. You will get some amazing fans through film promotions. You can opt any of the way to engage the audience by arranging a competition or giving them gifts.

7. Video marketing:

Trailers are the influential ways to inculcate a sense of excitement among the masses. But there must be some short meme or video based on your film that goes viral and create an extreme emotion in people. You can make video displaying titan repacking kits and create some funny content surrounding your film. Many technical service companies in Dubai utilize this feature.

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