Top 10 Google Docs Add-ons for Writers

Google Docs combines different tools all together to bring your documents to life. It offers you the choice of different features to upgrade your text format, style, and font. And, obviously, it is not the end of the list. People of different professions use it across the world, but perhaps the ones who are better off the most are students, teachers, or participants of the eLearning trainings.

Hands down Google Docs’ bells and whistles are the best for this category. It helps young amateurs on their first journey or during the creation of first books, as well as experienced editors and writers. It guarantees them a sustainable writing process with the maximum of efficiency and the minimum of errors or fails.

However, a free version of this word processor does not remind us of anything worthy. Indeed, we have many standard writing features that can be appropriate for designing a CV, working on a dissertation or writing a short article, etc. But not more than that.

If you feel like expanding horizons of writing tools and

filling in the gaps, you might want to test the waters with some of the Google Docs Add Ons. They can tremendously help you to get more writing done error-free, faster, and shareable.

Are you already feeling excited to change something about the way you write? Here is the breakdown of top 10 add-ons that will change your life with Google Docs to before and after.

1) Writing Habit

You can only be certain that your productivity is at its full potential through consistency of writing. The name of the add on speaks for itself. This first Google Ad On counts the number of words you have written in your document.

If your goal is to develop a habit of writing, then you have found something that you have been searching for. This extension allows you to set daily or weekly goals. For example, how many pages or words volume you want to have by the end of this weekend. This way you can keep up with writing each day and track your progress. Everything is clearly depicted on charts and graphs with numbers.

2) Google Docs Offline

We all have had this moment at least once. You are working on your school paper or work project and everything goes pretty well, until your home wi-fi freezes. You start the router over with the mere hope that you can keep writing, because the deadline is in a few hours. But, the reality is the opposite.

Google Docs came up with a wonderful solution for emergency situations like this. Now, you can activate another Google to access your Google account offline. Moreover, this feature is available for all. Sheets and Slides as well.

3) EasyBib Bibliography Creator

We fully comprehend that working on an essay, diploma or research paper is a daunting task both intellectually and physically. Apart from thinking about content, you also need to cite sources properly. No one wants to be convicted of plagiarism, right?

Thus, if you want to take your writing in Google Docs to the next level, you will not survive any longer without a bibliography add on. You can check your paper on grammar errors, missing punctuation, unintentional plagiarism, and more! You can set up a desired in popular styles like MLA, APA, Chicago and thousands of others.

4) Grammarly

When you actively work on your text, your mind can be lost a little bit. You can make many mistakes unintentionally. For this cause, you might want to add an extension called Grammarly. We bet you have heard about it a million times. But, we can’t skip this important and useful tool.

Obviously, you can check grammar mistakes, spelling or wordiness with this add on. But another exceptional feature that not everyone knows is the revision of clarity and ease of your text.

Yet, if an app isn’t entirely enough for you and you want to receive more context-specific suggestions on the structure of your text or it’s style you are very welcome at essay writing services review. This custom writing review website can assist you to find a writing expert who will answer all your concerns.

5) SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant

If you write content for the web and do not use keywords and key phrases within your text, there is almost zero hope of getting at a high position in search rankings. However, we always need to do it separately. We use one tool to write content, another one to find the best keywords, another one to format, edit and this loop goes on and on. But, what if we could do all SEO actions within Google Docs only?

Turns out, there is an amazing tool for this purpose. Not only this add on makes sure that your writing is SEO-friendly and searchable, but it also sends you instant recommendations on how to optimize your quality writing better.

6) Search & Navigate

Looking for a table of contents solution to quickly navigate your Google Docs documents?  Here is the solution that we strongly recommend to you. Search & navigate is a great addition to help with structurally complex documents.  The only disadvantage though is that you cannot move sections directly in the panel, and you cannot get links to them.

Of course, there are also other solutions that do the same like Document Navigator and Table Of Content, but Search & Navigate seems to be the most complete and functional of all right now.

7) OneLook Thesaurus

Some writers have a very annoying habit. They tend to repeat the same words in their works. Perhaps, it happens because they lose a train of thought or simply can’t focus and find any suitable synonym.

If you ever struggle with the same problem, a thesaurus is an essential tool in your Google Docs kit. OneLook Thesaurus can broaden your writing by some eloquent words, adjectives or terms. Furthermore, it offers you definitions and usage examples of a particular word. So, you can know for sure if this synonym fits well or not.

8) Speakd

When we are done with writing, the last thing we want to do is read it over again. We need to make sure our sentences are readable, grammar is perfect and arguments are logical. But how can we do this without spending an additional hour on reading?

Speaks provides you an incredible feature that reads your documents for you out loud. You can do other tasks while listening and save a great deal of your time. Additionally, as you might have guessed this tool is helpful for people with disabilities. The add on with no limitations. For each and every.

9) Form & Quiz Maker

When your writing is in progress, many different ideas can bump into your head out of the blue. It is very important to have an in-handy tool that can help you create something before you forget it. Imagine you got a spectacular idea for a quiz or form. Maybe, you want to engage students, generate new leads or promote your business

With Form & Quiz Maker you can create those surprise quizzes on the go. If your standardized writing feels like mud. Very boring and not captivating at all. You can upgrade it with the use of engaging and interactive quizzes. This is just ideal for teachers and brand owners.

10) Translate+

This tool is a little bit different than a built-in Google Docs’ translation tool. This one translates the entire document in one click. But what if you want to translate only one paragraph, page or even a word? Translate+ can help you with this.

It is very useful for international writers, students or anyone else who creates content in another language. You can get an understanding of what an unfamiliar word or sentence means. However, if you want to have a professional translation, we recommend another alternative: custom writing reviews. All sorts of things.



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