Don’t do these marketing mistakes on TikTok

The newest player in the social media game, TikTok displayed pied-piper skills, as they very quickly garnered a following of almost 1 billion social media users globally. Businesses have been using this platform more and more since it offers a large audience, many growth services like TokUpgrade to buy TikTok followers, and a new form of marketing. In this instance, actions do speak louder than words and this is key to the sensation which their rather unique recipe has produced.

If your objective is to communicate with persons anywhere between the ages of 13 and 60, add TikTok to your list of affordable and effective marketing paths. Harnessing creative talent to craft short-form videos, 15-seconds to 3-minutes in length, is what this fun platform is about.

With popularity comes the inevitable competitive nudging. “What is the optimal formula for this moving visual presentation that will set me apart?”, will likely be a key question.

So intent are we in this achievement, that sometimes we over-play our hand, mistaking our optimism for thoughtful choices. It is not necessary to ponder on this. Mistakes have been made and many are widely known. Seek them out and make a wide berth around them as you strategize for TikTok.

Too serious, hard selling

Cast your mind back to that telephone conversation you had with that annoying telesales person, who, rather than listen to you to understand your specific needs, kept returning to their scripted lines, all to sell, sell, sell. Annoying it was and remains. This sales approach, insistent and sometimes aggressive, is designed to convince the consumer to buy now, rather than weigh up their options. Its use is on the decline and you would do well to follow this educated trend, as did the TikTok developers. Their platform entertains! Everyone knows that the bottom line of a business is a serious priority, but there are few reasons why you cannot be playful as you work towards its good health.

Not utilizing hashtags

A hashtag places a business product or service into a relevant theme or topic, a modern version of an online catalogue.  Why this is incredibly useful is that when a prospective customer visits TikTok looking for a product which you happen to supply, having never heard of your brand, how could they possibly find you? When you use hashtags in your TikTok profile and individual video posts, your videos will also appear in that themed catalogue. All they need do is visit #surfboards and your surfboard, together with those who have correctly hashtagged their boards, will appear together.

Multiple hashtags are a smart move too. #boardwax, a product closely related and essential to the sport of surfing, will get you the attention of those who love to ride the waves. Not utilizing hashtags is tantamount to not being listed in the classic telephone directory of years gone by.

Ignoring music

As it was birthed. To TikTok it transitioned. The name change did nothing to stop this social media service from identifying musical talent the world over. Then, the magical opportunity to include music in your video production went viral. Superb examples exist of its significance. A lady earning a humble baking income, who is now partly managed by a record company, so sought after is she by song producers. This, thanks to her having added music to a baking demonstration video, the results of which are 4 million followers. Her humble income has extended up and off her expected graph.

Dance challenges are regular viral trends on TikTok. A catchy tune catches someone’s attention, who choreographs a dance, who dares others to learn, replicate and share their video. Take up the dare and your brand will be considered super cool!

Stale content

It is rare to find a person who likes to watch the same movie repeatedly. The same applies to your content. If you think that narrating the same story with a couple of minor visual changes will fool your audience, the joke will likely be on you. Remember, you’re not laboring over content for a finished product of 60-minutes in length. 15 seconds to 3-minutes at most is all you need. Given recent TikTok successes, it is all you need and the return can certainly well exceed your investment.

Trust that your current and future customer will relish insight into behind-the-scenes footage of the production and its human personalities, and you will be rewarded with many followers and their trust. Be brave enough to ask whether a product idea in development is on target for what is most needed and you will be confident to produce what you all agree on is optimal. Users who share stories about using your product will enjoy acknowledgment for doing so and you would be remiss if you didn’t. Tag them, their friends will see and you’ll travel further with more followers.

A fool is willing to learn and that includes from their mistakes and those of others. When others have already travelled the path you’re about to journey on, you can save yourself from making the same mistakes as others and dodge the repercussions. Take heed of the above, incorporate steps into your strategy and you will avoid these mistakes. You’ll then free up your time to entertain in a sincere and fun way, those who seek you out.

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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