24me planner app easily syncs with utility bills

Story 463717058 Cell phone owners have a huge selection of applications to enable them stay in contact with their day-to-day activities and chores, then again, it’s always up to these people to make sure they carry out the work. Finally the recently improved 24me planner application instantly merges with tools and other services to help remind and make it easy for users to pay their expenses. Even though the app has been offered for iOS devices for a long time now, the Israel-based app developers newly launched '24me 2.0', which consists of a revised user interface for its job and reminder capabilities. Although, the revised app now enables owners to link their utility bills, bank information, social networking sites and other apps such as TaskRabbit. Once merged, activities such as due charges are easily incorporated with the other reminders in one feed, and end-users can pay them using the app. Additionally, 24me also includes an in-app gift shop that allows users conveniently and rapidly purchase and send a gift when a celebration is approaching. In case users don’t have an opportunity to finish a job, they can have another person to do it for them using TaskRabbit. The clip below demonstrates the app in action: By simply merging numerous platforms’ features in one app, 24me allows daily planner end-users get even more effective by using their mobile phone. How else could additional program consolidation create own helper apps more useful? Credit to: www.springwise.com Springwise, a London-based independent innovation firm, scans the globe for the most promising new business ideas.

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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