How To Make Money From Your Metal


How To Make Money From Your Metal

Strapped For Cash? Scrap Your Metals!

If you are strapped for cash, being resourceful can help you get your hands on the money that you need. One of the last things many people think of when they are searching for some extra spending money is scrap metal. If recycling all of the scrap metal that is lying around your home never crossed your mind, now is the time to learn about what metals you can recycle and what steps you will need to take to turn these metal goods into money. Read this basic guide to scrapping your metals, and get the cash you need while you help the environment.

Do You Have Recyclable Metals Collecting Dust?

Virtually all metals are recyclable. One of the first steps of making money off of your scrap metal is identifying household waste that will make you money. The most obvious metal recycled today is aluminium cans, but there are less obvious choices that you can take to your local recycling stations. Here are some of the various types of metal and examples of these types of metal that you can profit from:

* Copper

Copper is worth quite a bit of money, and if you have old household fixtures and piping laying around it is time to recycle this waste. Copper has one of the highest recycling rates and retains its value very well. Here are some examples of copper:

- Copper piping
- Retired wiring
- Old guttering
- Old pots and pans
- Construction materials that will not be used

* Aluminium

Recycling aluminium helps conserve a lot of energy in the manufacturing industry. In fact, 95% less energy is used in the manufacturing process when using aluminium that has been recycled. Much more than just soda cans are made from aluminium. Here are just a few examples of waste that can earn you an extra buck:

- Plates
- Garden furniture
- Old garden tools or supplies
- Siding
- Aluminium foil
- Construction materials
- Containers

* Steel

Steel is heavy and durable. Because of its qualities, steel is very worthwhile to recycle. Here are some items made of steel:

- Old car parts
- Motors
- Appliances
- Nails
- Tools
- Construction beams
- Inside of concrete blocks
- Framing

The Few Items That Cannot Be Recycled

Most metals can be recycled, but knowing the metals that are not recyclable is important. Generally speaking, only toxic products are not eligible for recycling. Here are some products that you should dispose of:

* Paint cans or aerosol cans
* Metals coated with toxic products
* Clothing hangers

How to Scrap What You Have Found

Once you have taken an inventory or searched for scrap metal in trash bins, you can turn this metal into cash by making a deposit at a recycle depot. Know the guidelines of the recycling facilities, you can arrange taking the waste to the depot and receive your money immediately. Most depots will pay a fixed rate based on the weight and type of metals that you bring in. Prices can change so find out the going rate before you make a trip.

You can do your part to protect the environment and turn your waste into cash at the same time by recycling scrap metal. Set aside time to scour through your garage, start creating a scrap metal pile, and get the money you need to pay bills or to build your petty cash fund.

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