How Mobile Billboards Are Beneficial To Your Business

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mobile billboard advertising

Mobile billboard advertising most effectively works for start-up companies and competes well with other competitors in the market. As a start-up company, your message to your target audience may change. If you are using mobile billboards in Syndey you do not have to worry about spending hefty sums of money to replace or remove advertising. Mobile outdoor advertising is a part of Out-of-the-home advertising.

Mobile Billboards

The out of the home advertising holds a large share of $29 Billion ad spending across key markets around the world. This number is increasing steadily since 2012 as it has shown consistent growth in OOH advertising. Over 3.1% growth in 2016, 1.2% in 2017, and 4.5% in 2018.

Tech giants like Apple, Amazon, Google and Netflix are also among the top 10 largest spenders on billboard advertising. Netflix and Alibaba have recently invested largely in outdoor companies. Also, Google is reportedly introducing products for billboard and outdoor advertisements. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, since 2010 the ad spending on digital outdoor ads have grown 35% and 15% annually in recent years. 

How effective is mobile billboard advertising?

Mobile billboards are one of the most effective mobile advertising solutions because of their beautiful visuals. According to the research, consumers grasp mobile billboard advertising 90% of the time which is higher than 40% of static billboard advertising.  

Many startup companies showed that mobile billboard advertising has accelerated sales by nearly 100%, much more than that of standard billboard advertising which is just 50%. 

One study by European Outdoor Advertising Association (EOAA) says that consumers are likely to process faster and remember the product or brand name if showcased on a mobile billboard. This justifies that mobile outdoor advertising is 90% more effective than other types of outdoor advertising.

Another study by Access Point Names (APN) suggests that using brain scan technology, a moving ad has 45% higher exposure than stationary ads. An expert MD, Liz Farquharson says ‘Once there is a higher level of engagement with the brand, we found that this then results in a deeper level of memory encoding’

Strategies of billboard mobile marketing

Holds your audience interest

By advertising through Mobile billboards, you can make changes quickly without harming your budget. Stationary billboard advertisements are expensive to change, and also the audience will look at it daily, stop caring and lose interest in it after some time.

Mobile billboards can have a planned-out fleet of vehicles, each with a different message and appearance. You can schedule the movement prior and plan the locations to keep your customers interested. It also allows you to clean up the marketing campaign easily. 

Not easy to avoid

You can mute your television during the break, switch channels. Simply turn the page of your newspaper or magazine to ignore advertising. Block internet advertising, which has risen by nearly 90% in the last few years, but you can’t easily avoid mobile billboards if it drives past you or parked in your area.

An LED mobile advertising is also a unique creative phenomenon- It quickly grabs and holds the attention of the audience.    

Advertising around an event

Pick a scheduled day and place for outdoor advertising in Australia to flash your new fancy advertisement. You can also imply tactics; Host a barbecue or a small outdoor game event, distribute samples of a particular product. These strategies are likely to be more effective than still advertisements which the audience will enjoy and keep returning for more.

Quickly promotes timely campaigns

A mobile billboards advertisement targets a specific group of audience or demographics and conveys the message in the most precise manner. You can apply this tactic for a short-term discount sale. This makes it easier to get information out of the timed campaigns from mobile billboards. If you assign this task to a professional, he will help you execute your planned and timely campaign in the most effective way.

These strategies will help spread brand awareness and increase your reach among the audience.  Mobile billboards are a growing industry and you can take this opportunity to expand your business. Traditional advertising methods have turned outdated and this innovation has taken place in a lot of hearts. 

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