How Can Video Analytics Improve Security

improve security

It’s in your best interest to ensure the utmost security of your place of business. You need to look after your capital. You worked hard to achieve it, and it’ll be such a downer if it goes kaput one day due to neglected security. 


You are also expected to look after the welfare and safety of your employees. The work environment has a direct impact on employee morale and productivity. If your employees feel like there are security risks at work, chances are they won’t be able to aptly deliver what’s expected of them. Thus, your business suffers.

This is where video analytics comes in, as powered by a reliable video camera monitoring system. Otherwise known as intelligent video analytics or video content analysis, this technology is by no means new. However, it’s increasingly gaining traction in the world of business, specifically in the area of security. Here are the reasons why.

Recognition of tampered camera systems

Burglars and thieves will find a way to tamper with your security cameras first before moving on with their plans. With those pesky surveillance monitors out of the way, they’re free to hijack your place of business. With video analytics, you’re many steps ahead. 

Video analytics software comes with advanced video loss detection technology. It will know if your camera systems are being tampered with, dismantled, or transplanted. It will send you an alarm so you can respond to the situation promptly and appropriately. Furthermore, this software cues you in with which areas are most prone to video tampering. 

Recognition of facial features

Consider, for instance, if a thief has repeatedly zeroed in on your shop. You already have a photo of this person and now you’re waiting for them to strike back. With video analytics, you’ll know if your subject is within your place of business because the technology has advanced facial feature recognition capacity. And that can be employed to monitor real-time activities or to scan through archived videos for research. 

Recognition of text on images

Video analytics does not only recognize facial features; it reads texts on images too. For your business, this means elevated monitoring of the goings-on within your space of accountability, going beyond the obvious subjects. 

Think, for example, your parking lot. With video analytics, you can backtrack the cars that went in and out of your parking space to pinpoint the license plate of whoever it is you’re looking for. The same goes for shirts with unique prints. They can be traced to their suppliers, and thus, potentially to the names of customers who had purchased from them.

Detection of various movements

Proactively stop a potentially dangerous incident from happening by analyzing various movements using video analytics. From body posture to gaze to facial expressions, your mineable data can warn you of possible dangers.

For example, heaven forbid a public shooter walks into your business, with video analytics you’ll get to read into that person’s movements. You can stop a disaster from occurring. 

Subject counting

All places of business have a maximum capacity. If you go beyond that, the risk of accidents becomes higher. With video analytics, you no longer have to rely on guesswork. You’ll have an accurate count of how many people are currently under your roof.

Should you learn that you’re over capacity, you can do the necessary adjustment. Do not wait for something bad to happen and stay in the safe lane. 

Subject tracking

Think of this scenario: Your shop is packed because it’s Black Friday. People are milling about. You suspect a couple of people acting a bit suspiciously. You can act on your suspicion without offending your subjects by tracking them using your video analytics-equipped security camera system.

If the subjects do something expected, good for you. If not, good for them.

Smoke and fire detection

Security systems should include the detection of avoidable accidents such as fires. With video analytics, you have advanced smoke and fire detection at your disposal. You can rest assured that no matter how busy your place of business gets, you’re not putting your customers and employees in any danger. 

Other environmental anomalies can be detected by video analytics as well. Think dark clouds and weird apparitions in the sky. 

In Closing

Your place of business’ security system should adapt to technological innovations. For instance, video analytics are at your disposal. Use it to buff up whatever existing security measures you have. But do not stop there. You can also exhaust video analytics for purposes beyond security. If you run a brick-and-mortar shop selling consumer goods, you can employ video analytics to get to know your customers more intimately. From key characteristics, such as race and gender to walking patterns that can help you layout your space better, the data you can mine is, well, a goldmine. Get creative with video analytics because the possibilities are endless

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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