GoDaddy Shares the Importance of Reliable Technical Support for Digital Businesses

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Technical Support for Digital Businesses

Quickly resolving  technical system and platform  issues ensures operational continuity and customer loyalty 

Many businesses pivoted to digital operations last year for survival and continuity during the challenging economic times due to the COVID-19 quarantines. Even small and micro enterprises pivoted to move their business online and experienced how using different online tools helped their business stay active and engaged with their customers, to help weather the crisis. 

Technical Support for Digital Businesses

According to the GoDaddy 2020 Global Entrepreneurship Survey, 60% of Pinoy small business owners surveyed reported that technology was essential for keeping ventures afloat during the COVID-19 situation and beyond. Twenty three percent (23%) of respondents also began using digital platforms as a main touch point with customers.  

As businesses grow online and create their own e-commerce sites, having access to reliable technical support becomes an imperative for uninterrupted digital operations.  

“Even when entrepreneurs and small business owners consider themselves as non-techies, they need to feel empowered that they can manage their businesses online. Reliable and convenient technical support gives them the confidence that technical issues they experience will be quickly resolved, enabling them to focus on building relationships with their customers,” said Norman Barrientos, GoDaddy’s Director of Marketing for Southeast Asia. 

“We have 24/7 customer care, in local languages, supported by GoDaddy Guides who readily answer queries from customers—from technical issues they may encounter on their website, to ways to use our tools and how to make updates to their websites,” added Barrientos. 

GoDaddy shares some practical ways that having reliable technical support available can help entrepreneurs and small business owners keep their websites operational and updated to help their online business grow. 

Solve technical issues

Encountering issues with how your e-commerce website is loading? Certain features not working? Reliable technical support helps to ensure your website is up and running in the professional way you want it to reflect on your business. 

“Business continuity requires that website pages are up and running day and night. It can be time consuming, to find the cause of a technical related issue. Our GoDaddy Guides are trained to troubleshoot and quickly provide the solutions,” said Henry Wang, GoDaddy APAC Sr. Manager for Care Operations.  

Assist with using GoDaddy products  

Setting up and using GoDaddy products and services like professional email, email marketing, SEO, and installing SSL Certificates for a website, can go more smoothly having a GoDaddy Guide assist to help you feel at ease and get the most from using these tools to improve and expand your digital presence.

“We get a lot of calls from customers asking how to use certain features of our Website Builder or E-Store for example, and we give detailed instructions how to use these tools. We also encourage our customers to ask questions and share what they are trying to accomplish, so we can further assist them,” said Wang.  

Recommend ways to help your business grow online

Once you’re getting more traffic on your website, upgrading certain web pages and features can help to ensure these remain at pace with increased log-ons. With reliable tech support you can easily contact, you can conveniently get advice on suitable upgrades for your business’s growing needs.  

“Customers largely seek tips and solutions within the tools that they have already purchased. Our goal is to support them on how they can maximize the use of our tools, and suggest other solutions to help them accomplish what they are trying to achieve with their online presence,” said Wang.  

From domain name registration and hosting, to building a website for your business, or creating an online store, GoDaddy is the one-stop shop for creating and building a strong online presence.  

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