Benefits of Social Media: 7 Social Media Advantages Which Move Beyond Marketing

Benefits of Social Media: 7 Social Media Advantages Which Move Beyond Marketing 1

Did you know there are many more benefits of social media than advertising and marketing?|Did you know there are many more benefits of social media than marketing? With the correct use and implementation of social media, any business can do all of the following 7 profit boosters and probably more. social media photo Almost all Internet business people know the benefits of social media to market their business. They develop Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, and dutifully create their Bing business listing - all in the hope of expanding their marketing efforts. Did you know there are many more benefits of social media than marketing? With proper use and deployment of social media, any business can do every one of the following and probably more. Benefits of Social Media: More Than Marketing 1) Find Employees and Contractors Need to fill a position fast? Use the benefits of social media to help. Design a detailed listing of what you're looking for and post it on your social media accounts. Ask your friends and followers to share. It's more than likely that the person(s) who respond to a call similar to this will be more suitable than using a huge impersonal job board. 2) Produce More Sales You may believe that sales and marketing are the same thing, but they are not. Marketing is increasing your reach to make sure that you can get more leads, but sales are different. Because your clients might share with others what they bought from you, one of the benefits of Social media is that it can increase sales outside of your initial marketing efforts. And if they like what you are speaking of on social media, they might like to purchase from you more. 3) Award Customers One of the fantastic benefits of social media is that it makes it easy for you to invite more intercommunication with your buyers and between your customers through reward systems. Provide games, badges, stickers, pins, discounts and more for your customers using social media to "check in" or keep in touch with you via social media. People love receiving free things and they enjoy collecting things, so take advantage of that. 4) Brand Your Business It is necessary that your business spends the time to brand itself across all social media accounts as straightforward, even generous and relevant. Recognize how consumers, as well as your employees and contractors, view your business via all your social media interactions. Pay attention to your potential clients and be looked at as a company that does this. Demonstrate these things as often as possible as a way to brand your business on social media. 5) Excite Your Sales Force Discussing successful workers on social media is an excellent way to motivate employees to do good. If you have an employee of the month program, don't just post the notice in the break room; put it all over social media. They will share it with their friends and family and it might even be picked up by the media, making staff members even more motivated to do good. If you have affiliates, praise them in the same manner for their sales volume and for the great job they are doing advertising your services and products. 6) Speed Up Communication You can assemble private closed groups using Facebook that only employees or your affiliates can see. It's an excellent way to accelerate communication between you and your sales force and to grow a community. Motivate your sales force to follow each other and encourage one another and publicly acknowledge them every chance you get. 7) Basic Project Management Another use for private Facebook groups is very easy project collaboration. In Facebook groups you can upload files and communicate easily in one spot about various projects, without ever needing to have a physical meeting - but still be able to keep good records of the events and ideas as they unfold. Facebook Groups work very good for this. You can upload notes, files, graphics, whatever you need. It is one of the benefits of social media that it is usually free to use, but it is powerful enough to replace a number of the more expensive project management tools. By being actively involved with the benefits of social media, your business can increase employee/affiliate happiness and satisfaction along with consumer perception. Use the benefits of social media to form a connection with your community and your sales force. Your business can be an integral component of your community in every way that it can - be it government, social, business, or charity. Pick and choose to stay aligned with your purpose and target market, but do get involved. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Adam Bauthues And now I would like to invite you to receive more profitable benefits of social media for your business! Check out our many different training categories available for free at: Source:

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