10 Essential Online Writing Tools to Boost Your Sales in Business

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10 Essential Online Writing Tools to Boost Your Sales in Business 1

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Working in business today means that you have overwhelming competition. If you’re a beginner businessman constantly struggling to enhance your sales you probably wonder how your seasoned competitors manage to be so successful and efficient in their work. Usually, the answer is simple – they use all the help they can get. By that, we mean that they don't simply rely on their skills and abilities to perform all their tasks flawlessly, but rather engage as essential tools and apps that help them streamline their routines and get the best result with a minimum of elbow grease when it comes to sales.

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Tools experienced business people use are beyond counting, so today we will focus on major writing tools most businessmen find helpful.

Top 10 Tools for Better Writing and Increased Sales

Writing is not everyone’s forte, but when you work in business you can’t let poor writing stump your success. Here are some helpful tools that will help enhance your writing, making better sales possible.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is a service that provides an advanced workspace for increased productivity. It allows you to create notes, to-do lists, tables, and give access to all this information to any other devices and users. One can also copy articles, store handwritten notes, scan as well as share documents.

  1. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

It is a tool that generates high-quality titles. This software is suitable for anyone interested in content creation. One thing one should keep in mind is that many people utilize this tool, so one should learn to carefully edit generated content ideas to avoid duplication with other resources.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This program is designed for keywords research as well as semantics collection when creating Google advertising campaigns. Google Keyword Planner allows gathering statistics, shows how many times people searched for a specific phrase, clicked on contextual ads, etc.

  1. Headline Analyzer from CoSchedule

This service is very useful for evaluating headlines. The main advantage of this tool is its depth of analysis. This application will rate your title on a 100-point scale. Also, here you can count the number of characters/words you used as well as see a preview of how your page will look on the SERP.

  1. Hemingway Editor

It is an online text editing service. It will help the reader focus on what you write about rather than how you write. This program will help simplify the process of editing text and make it as correct, readable, and effective as possible.

  1. Grammarly.

In business, even a simple typo can cost money, which is why you need a tool that not only catches mistakes but also helps you learn from them and improve your writing over time. This program is a prime choice for many writers when it comes to grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checking. LetsGradeIt rates this service as number one when it comes to checking for plagiarism.

  1. Thinglink

This service is a great tool for creating interactive infographics and other multimedia didactics. It allows adding tags to editable images. It can transform your content from plain and skippable into eye-catching and sales-inducing.

  1. Tone Analyzer

This program helps writers assess and adjust the tone of their writing, which is an especially crucial aspect of good business writing. It allows you to change how readers perceive your writing and make it as efficient as possible.

  1. Thesaurus

This commonly known tool helps make your writing more interesting and effective by offering better ways of phrasing your ideas. Sometimes we struggle to choose the right word for an occasion or find a suitable word alternative. Thesaurus will help you find proper synonyms to the words you commonly use so that you could avoid constant word repetition in your content.

Students often use this program to enhance their essays and other types of creative writing, as business writing is very tricky and hard to do well fully on your own. You can check these free business essay example topics to help with your business writing.

  1. Read-able

This service will allow you to adjust your writing so that it could be effectively consumed by people of different grade levels. After all, if you want to engage as many readers as possible, you should broaden your scope. Engaging more people can help your writing reach its goals better and influence sales.

engaging more people

All Hands on Deck

Contemporary businessmen heavily rely on tech to promote sales and help them better manage daily tasks. There is nothing wrong with letting technological advancements do some routine affairs for you – they usually are far better and efficient at managing them than humans ever could be.

Hopefully, this quick overlook of software business people commonly utilize to help with better writing will prove handy to you. A key is trying a bunch of programs and choosing what you find most comfortable and resultative for you.



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