PR Specialist: 10 Illusions Surrounding the Profession

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Many beginners who decided to work in this field still imagine their future work as a pleasant holiday. Daily parties among celebrities, without clear plans and obligations, what can be better? What other myths will the aspiring PR specialist have to part with?

Myth 1: A party instead of work

Many students believe that the only things that will tire them after graduation are parties, conferences, fashion shows and movie premieres.

In reality, the PR person must know all the steps in the process of organizing and conducting PR support for the event in detail. Often the work of all team members, including photographers, cameramen, copywriters, their tardiness, blunders and mistakes are under the control of the PR-specialist.

Myth 2: Alcohol is the true companion of the PR person

Organizing and covering an event is a complex process that requires constant attention and control. Clarity of mind is necessary to quickly resolve issues that arise, smoothing out conflicting situations.

In addition, PR is a dynamic job, where you always need to be in touch, give out information in 24/7 mode. Alcohol will inevitably lead to the failure of the work process, and in some cases can end with the collapse of the reputation and the end of the career.

Myth 3: Easier work schedules

Attending evening events does not automatically give you permission to start work in the afternoon. In addition, even during the event, the PR person is working: writing a press release, taking interviews, and being involved in organizing and supervising contractors. On top of that, he deals with other current clients and is constantly in touch with colleagues.

Round-the-clock involvement in work activities is the lot of professional PR people who know the value of wasted time. A missed call, a delay in business correspondence can lead to the complete failure of a project that has been prepared for several months.

Myth 4: The activity of PR-manager is a lot of noise out of nothing

It seems that in order to increase the popularity of a company, it is enough to increase the amount of publications about it in the media. However, besides issuing materials, PR-specialist also control the global adherence to the strategy and corrects it in time.

The PR-manager should be able to analyze PR-campaign: to track the index of media presence, tone of references. It is important to monitor the work of the expert from the client's side: his activity in social networks, manner of presenting information, consulting on working with the media and the audience.

Myth 5: The key to success is a true lie

Experienced PR experts will confirm that often the work with the client has to begin with restoring confidence in the specialist. PR activity in the perception of society is closely associated with the excessive ostentatiousness and attracting attention at any cost. But the business PR means in-depth analysis of the company, understanding of the tasks and vector of development, on the basis of which a promotion strategy will be built. Sometimes the PR-specialist knows things that even the internal team is not aware of.

In addition, the PR includes: collecting internal analytics, structuring of expertise, setting up a commenting system, prompt handling of requests in real-time PR and much more. In working with such a scheme there is no place for contrivance, in addition, the audience immediately feels the falsity. And in the future it will either reflect on the reputation of the business, or the strategy simply will not work. Therefore, PR based on empty promises is impossible.

Myth 6: PR is the lot of lyricists and humanists

Public relations are not limited to writing articles for the media and communicating with journalists. A PR specialist must be able to audit the current situation, collect internal data and develop a strategy for promotion. The PR-manager has to have an analytical mind, quick reaction and always keep abreast of events in order to solve daily tasks.

PR agencies often conduct a stress test when hiring - they give applicants dice for storytelling. The candidate has to roll the dice and come up with a story based on the pictures that fall out.

Myth 7: PR specialists only need communication skills

The ability to keep a conversation going with anyone you talk to is a valuable quality. But a professional must also know the intricacies of business correspondence, know how to interest the press without alienating journalists with their annoyance. Creation and full coordination of the text of press-releases with the speaker is also a task of PR-professional. Attention to detail and the ability to rationally solve arising issues - a necessary condition for work in the PR-sphere.

Myth 8. In secret to the whole world

Everything that a PR-man learns will be used against you! Such a stereotype is persistently held by all representatives of PR-direction. However, just as in journalism, the profession has a code of honor, which prohibits the disclosure of information about which the client has asked to remain silent. PR-experts will never disseminate information that threatens the reputation of the client.

Myth 9. Drive and creativity are the main companions of PR-specialists

PR-campaigns are really based on original ideas. But most of the PR specialist's workload consists of simple and boring activities: phone calls, business correspondence. For preparation of qualitative articles and posts a specialist must thoroughly study the topic to be covered down to the smallest detail. And it does not matter what area it will be: the achievements of modern dentistry or new opportunities in the banking sector.

Myth 10: The dress code is invented for other professions

Constant movements, meetings on projects, with contractors, work in the office impose its mark on the closet of a PR person. As a rule, it includes clothes in business and casual styles. Neat appearance and things that do not restrict movement, with elements of individual style and character - that is the basis of the dress code of a PR specialist.

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