MMDA launches 'Metro Bayanihan: I MM' to fight urban decay

The MMDA's Metro Bayanihan: I MM involves sidewalk clearing operations, cleaning of waterways, anti-littering and anti-dengue drive to promote general cleanliness of Metro Manila and well-being of its residents. (MMDA photo)

QUEZON CITY, June 2 (PIA) -- The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) vowed to ramp up its efforts to beautify and sanitize the Metropolis amid the pandemic and before the rainy season starts as it started to clean-up Estero de Tripa de Gallina in Manila on Tuesday, June 1.

Dubbed as "Metro Bayanihan: I MM," the project will include intensified sidewalk clearing operations, cleaning of waterways, anti-littering and anti-dengue drive to promote general cleanliness of Metro Manila and well-being of its residents.

MMDA Chairperson Benhur Abalos said the agency is closely coordinating with the local government units in Metro Manila to make sure that the massive and intensified clean-up is inclusive and can cover not only major thoroughfares, but all barangays in the National Capital Region.

 “We’ve been regularly cleaning up our waterways with our daily dredging and declogging operations and we will intensify it before the rainy season to mitigate flooding, dengue, leptospirosis, and water-borne diseases,” the Chairman explained.

“Garbage-laden waterways are oftentimes breeding ground of mosquitoes and other insects which can cause diseases. We are stepping up our efforts to make sure that these problems won’t add up to the burdens brought by this pandemic,” he added.

Personnel of the Metro Parkways Clearing Group and Flood Control and Sewerage Management Office will undertake clearing of illegal structures on sidewalks and declogging and dredging of major waterways in Metro Manila, on a daily basis, to maintain its cleanliness. Trees are also trimmed and cables are bundled to avoid accidents.

The MMDA will also conduct misting and fogging operations to eliminate possible breeding areas and kill dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

Further, staff from Health and Environmental Protection Office will also conduct lectures on anti-littering measures among barangay residents to provide awareness on illegal dumping of garbage.

“We need to remove trash from our waterways to avoid clogging our pumping stations which, if not operating at full capacity, will have an effect in our anti-flood measures,” Flood Control and Sewerage Management Office (FCSMO) Head Baltazar Melgar said.

“Road obstructions and encroachment along drainage and waterways will also be cleared for the safety of the pedestrian and for the smooth flow of water, MMDA Metro Parkways Clearing Group Head Francis Martinez said.

Metro Manila chief executives have expressed support for the intensified campaign, noting that these proactive responses are very vital to curb possible transmission of COVID-19, and underscored that disease prevention and control is better than any cure.

Abalos also appealed to the public to participate in the campaign to eradicate trash, diseases and encourage sustainable healthy urban living.

“During these times, we’ve seen how important a clean surrounding is, and we want every barangay to do their part in making Metro Manila clean, orderly, healthy, and more livable,” he said.

Cleaning of waterways and anti-dengue campaign is part of the agency’s initiatives as it is mandated to promote urban renewal, sanitation, and public health. (PIA NCR)

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