How communication helps entrepreneurs


Communication has a pivotal role to play in the development of an entrepreneurial society. It will open vast information activities that will create the necessary climate for entrepreneurial development. This will open up new opportunities otherwise inaccessible to ordinary entrepreneurs. [caption id="attachment_15671" align="alignnone" width="300"]Communication at Pexels[/caption] • Communication plays a vital role even to small enterprise, where control by one person makes interpersonal communication of the essence. Many businesses fail simply because partners would not talk with each other. Interpersonal communication is important for an entrepreneur. Here’s how communication really helps an entrepreneur. • Essential in marketing and sales promotion. An entrepreneur should develop a marketing strategy for his product or service. He must be familiar with basic advertising strategies and packaging his product. • Important in communicating with employees and other partners. Communication is a vital component in all stages of the business production process. A breakdown may occur because the employer may not be clear on the message he wishes to convey due to lack of information while the message is not understood by the receiver. The challenge is in getting the message across and that needs skills specifically communication skills.

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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