Do You Want To Get Ahead In Business – 19 Traits You Need

Do You Want To Get Ahead In Business - 19 Traits You Need 1

What are the qualities that successful people possess? This article gives the qualities that are imperative to succeed. businessman photo What makes one person successful in business while others squander and sometimes never get off the ground? Here are some characteristics that you need to get ahead in business and life. 1) PERSEVERANCE- Being able to persevere through any challenge can help someone overcome even their most difficult obstacles. 2) GOAL-ORIENTED- These people are assertive, responsible, and self-disciplined. They have a goal, and pursue it to the end. 3) SELF-AWARENESS- This quality is the ability to examine your feelings. If you are able to determine your motivations and drive, you may be started on the right path. 4) RESILIENCE- Some people are able to bounce back quickly and recover after rejection and defeat. 5) WILLINGNESS TO TAKE A RISK- For most, the idea of taking risks in life or business is overwhelming. However, there are some who continually go beyond their comfort zones and love the unknown. 6) THRIVING ON PRESSURE- If there is an upcoming deadline or a stressful situation, some people work best under pressure 7) OPTIMISM- Keeping a positive attitude is imperative to achieving success. 8) EMPATHY- Empathy is being able to align yourself with another person's feelings and understand their joys and difficulties. This can lead to deeper relationships, in business and personally. 9) COMPETITIVENESS- Competition creates a healthy drive to want to do your best. This drive to succeed can give you an extra push over your opponents. 10) PATIENCE- The old saying is true, "Good things come to those who wait." 11) PERSUASIVENESS- The ability to persuade others for your point of view requires influence. People who are successful have this characteristic. 12) CONFIDENCE- Confidence starts internally, with the knowledge that you have the ability to succeed. This self-assurance and inner calm will cause others to want to be around you. 13) PASSION- When you love what you do, this passion will be carried to those around you. 14) INTEGRITY- Stay true to yourself, your morals and values, and don't compromise your standards. 15) TRUST- This is vital to relationships. When the people around you can trust you, success is that much easier to achieve. 16) HAVING FUN- Work and play don't always go together, but success doesn't happen without enjoying yourself and your work. 17) BEING OPEN- This will open you up to new opportunities. If you close yourself off, you are limiting your options. 18) CREATIVITY- Your ability to develop fresh and innovative ideas can revolutionize your world. 19) COURAGE- Looking past your fears to realize your dreams is critical to the success of your business. Look past what intimidates you and move towards success. ABOUT THE AUTHOR You can find these qualities and more by visiting Brian's Perfect Wealth Formula website. About the Author: Brian McCoy is a 6-figure earner in the home business industry who specializes in coaching others on how to create a full time income via the internet while working from the comfort of their own home. Source:

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