Top 5 Business Ideas for Young EntrePinoys

Top 5 Business Ideas for Young EntrePinoys 1

If you're looking for business ideas you can start with a minimal investment, these top 5 cool businesses might interests you. These are not only easy to start but can also bring big profits on your pocket. top business ideas 1. Jewelry and Bead Accessories: If you have that creative skills in making fashionable cute and sellable accessories, then starting a jewelry and bead accessories making business is a good option for you. How much capital you'll need: this depends on how many you want to make. Capital can range from P1,500 and up. You will also need materials such as pliers, long nose, beads/ stones, head pins, wires or nylon cord. 2. Food - Baking Cupcakes: Filipinos are fond of eating and if you have the passion for cooking and baking, then selling simple baked goodies to your classmates, neighborhoods, or to offices, food shops and sari-sari stores is one way to start. How much capital you'll need: P1,500 and up. You'll need basically the baking pan, spatula, oven, flour, baking powder, sugar, butter etc.. 3. Sell Online: Since anyone is almost connected to the world wide web, it's a great venue to sell your products - from handmade bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, and hard to find items. You can sell your items using ebay, etsy, multiply, ecrater and etc. How much capital you'll need: with P5,000 and up you can buy products from Divisoria or scour your neighborhood's place for any hard to find items. 4. Services: If you have a talent or skill, don't be afraid to flaunt it, and don't be afraid to make good use of it! If one of your skills is making websites or speed typing, photography, event planning and hosting, singing, painting, carpentry etc., don't be afraid to offer your services to make an income. 5. Stock Market: If you have saved up enough money, or your parents are helping you out, you can invest in stocks! How much capital you'll need: you can invest in the stock market as low as P5,000. For more info, you can visit It's good to start a business out of your interests and likes. If you want to be successful, learn the proper know-how by asking and researching. Source: hanep buhay, various sites

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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