Symptomatic COVID-19 cases up in Bohol

CORTES, Bohol, May 9 (PIA) -- There is a possibility that when one is infected with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) now, the chances of manifesting the symptoms of the viral disease are higher than a year ago.

From barely a third of those found positive for COVID-19 showing symptoms back then, the percentage of symptomatic patients now increased to 40.35 percent.

Based on the daily COVID case map which the Bohol Inter-Agency Task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-MEID), on May 4, of the 877 total active cases, 345 of these are symptomatic while 531 of these cases are asymptomatic.

In its May 4 COVID 19 Report and Active Cases Map, BIATF showed that of all the day’s active cases, 39.4 percent of those positive for the virus are either showing mild or severe symptoms while 60.6 are asymptomatic.

Less than a week later, by May 8, the percentage in the number of symptomatic patients increased to 40.35 percent while the asymptomatic patients’ percentage went down to 59.75 percent.

This means 40 of every 100 cases have shown symptoms, while 60 are without any sign of COVID-19. 

BIATF showed that on May 8, with 776 cases at 40.35 percent, 313 of these patients were symptomatic while the remaining 463 were manifesting no symptoms of the disease.

As for the positivity rate, or the average number of swab samples that turn to be positive over the total number of swab samples processed, from 10.1 percent positivity rate in Bohol on May 1, the figure has also increased to 11.43 percent.

On May 1, with 679 swab samples processed at Bohol’s containerized molecular laboratory and the Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital molecular laboratory combined, 67 turned out to be positive for COVID-19. 

A week later, on May 8, 2021, of the 183 swab samples brought in for processing, 16 tested positive or a 11.43 percent positivity rate.

This came amid rumors that the two molecular laboratories here have been swamped already with test samples, causing Bohol to send samples to Cebu.  

Within a week’s span, too, the number of asymptomatic slid lower while those that manifest symptoms went up. 

In a week’s span, active cases have shown an erratic trend but generally presents a lowering of cases from 874 on May 1 to 776 on May 8. 

It was not also clear if the decrease in cases was caused by pending test results accordingly sent to Cebu when the Gov. Gallares Memorial Hospital molecular laboratory had to be closed for disinfection last week.

The same decreasing trend is also seen in local transmission cases from 805 on May 1, it went down to 46 on May 8. 

The week also showed 287 recoveries. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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