Public support vs COVID, other health concerns reiterated

Baguio City Health Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo calls for public support in the fight against COVID-19 and other health concerns , as she outlines that with this global health crisis, the government can only do so much. But with a whole- of- society approach,  we can heal and recover as one. (CCD/PIA CAR - File photo)

BAGUIO CITY, May 5(PIA) - - With the Coronavirus pandemic providing daunting challenges in the access and delivery of basic health care services, the City Health Services Office reiterates its appeal to Baguio citizens to help protect themselves and the community from COVID - 19 and other communicable and non – communicable diseases.

Baguio City Health Officer Dr. Rowena Galpo reiterated the call for public support and cooperation during the flag raising ceremony at the City Hall grounds Monday as she assured that   the city health services office continues to be in the forefront of this pandemic and is doing its best in confronting the challenges of sustaining and improving the health conditions in the city.

Galpo said 2020 has been a challenging year in delivery of basic health care services.  Aside from COVID-19, among the challenges are the surge in cases in maternal deaths and teenage pregnancies, and low percentage in the delivery of child immunization services as well as access to family planning, particularly modern contraceptives.

City HSO data showed  that maternal mortality rate increased from 45.19 percent in 2019 to 67.65 percent in 2020l ; teenage pregnancies are up to 24.9% , child immunization accomplishment was  down to 49% compared to the 90%  target while access to modern contraceptives was  down to 21%.

Galpo shared that other health concerns that the public should look into are the leading causes of mortality or death in Baguio which are cancer, cardiovascular and heart diseases, pneumonia and kidney diseases. The leading causes of morbidity or illnesses are Upper Respiratory Track Illnesses, hypertension and other non – communicable diseases.

In terms of COVID – 19 response efforts, Galpo reported that the city with Mayor Benjamin Magalong on the helm, has been doing its best in implementing the PDITR (Prevent, Detect, Isolate, Test and Reintegrate) strategy and in bringing in new and additional response measures.

Baguio City’s Contact tracing has a 1 is to 16 efficiency ratio; RT – PCR testing continues to be intensified with 166,231 tests conducted and 110,505 individuals already tested which accounts for 29% of the city population, and the Baguio Temporary Treatment and Isolation Facilities with a total of 780 bed- capacity are Department of Health -certified and Philhealth accredited, Galpo shared.

COVID – 19 Immunization program in Baguio is also moving on schedule with more than 16,000 eligible population from the priority groups of health workers, senior citizens and adult with controlled co-morbidities already vaccinated with their first dose.

With the continuing threat of COVID – 19 and its effects in the country’s health care system, Galpo reiterated the need for whole of society approach in ensuring the safety of every person, family and community. 

‘For the city government, the city health services office and other partner stakeholders, there is no stopping on the delivery of basic health services;  we will continue to hurdle the trial but we appeal to the Baguio residents to help protect themselves, their families and the community, Galpo stressed. (JDP/CCD-PIA CAR)


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