Do This to Choose a Content-Format For Your Business

Content-Format For Your Business

Content marketing is not easy.

If you’re just starting a blog or you manage the content of an online business, you probably know what a daunting task it can be to come up with new content ideas.

Whether it’s website copy, social media posts, email newsletters, or other content formats, your goal is to come up with the right content formats for your business. 

To achieve this outcome, it’s important you consider several components of your business, including your industry or niche, users you’re trying to reach, and the resources available to you.

Use this flowchart to understand if a type of content will work for your marketing and business goals. 

will this content format work for you?

Keep in mind that not all content works at the same time. Each user has specific pain points and objectives – and you need to deliver the content that they need at a specific moment in time. In particular, you must deliver the right content for the right stage of the buyer’s journey. You can follow this wheel that list the right content for the right stage.

Source: Business Diary Philippines

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