COVID-19 deaths in Bohol now at 54

CORTES, Bohol, May 29 (PIA) -- Three days before the month ends, the total number of deaths brought about by coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Bohol scaled up to 54, of which 14 happened within the month of May.

It may be recalled that since March 16, 2020 until end of 2020, Bohol recorded 17 COVID –related deaths, according to data gathered from the reports by the Bohol Inter-Agency task Force on the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases. 

This brings the COVID-19 deaths in Bohol in 2021 to 37.

While in 2020, the monthly fatality rate or the average number of deaths is pegged at 1.4, which noticeably high at 7.4 deaths per month.

The highest monthly death rates in 2021 were recorded in April and May.

In April, 13 Boholanos died of the dreaded disease but the figure was surpassed with the 14 deaths recorded in May, three days before the month ends.

Of the 14 deaths in May, five of the deaths happened in the last week.

With this, active cases of COVID-19 in Bohol are pegged between 400 to 700 cases a day. 

The week also marked itself with the hospitals trying to keep their stocks of tocilizumab and redesivir, the most common medications for patients with severe cases.

The recent month also had been highlighted by hospitals experiencing shortage of personnel due to mandatory quarantines after getting exposed to COVID-19 positive individuals.

As this went on, COVID-19 trackers noticed a considerable decline in cases compared to a week ago.

On May 22, active COVID-19 cases in Bohol reached 723 and 48 deaths.

This week, May 29, the active cases is now at 485 with 54 deaths.

On May 25, according to reports from the Provincial Health Office, around 36,024 Boholanos working in the health and medical frontlines as well as senior citizens have received their first dose of the vaccine. 

Of the 36,024, only 16,270 of them have received the second dose of the vaccine to get full protection.

The figure is 45 percent of those who received their first doses. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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