Tagum City brings traffic education to residents online 

The Tagum City Traffic Signalization System Management Center’ (TCTSSMC) Facebook page shows CCTV footages of vehicular accidents in Tagum City to educate Tagumenyos and netizens on the various traffic rules and regulations which must be followed in order to avoid these mishaps from happening.

DAVAO DEL NORTE, April 5 (PIA) – The City Government of Tagum is now educating its residents of the city’s traffic rules using real-life footage of accidents that occurred in the city with its new Facebook page.

This Facebook page called ‘Tagum City Traffic Signalization System Management Center’ (TCTSSMC) was launched on March 25, 2021.

For its first post on March 25, the TCTSSMC showed footage of drivers speeding up on a yellow signal light in order to not get caught with the red light which ended up causing accidents.

TCTSSMC emphasized that the yellow signal light means drivers should slow down to prepare for a stop rather than speed up.

On March 26, the FB page posted a review of the “Straight Through & Left Turn Lane and the Arrow & Ball Signal”.

Essentially, they stressed that each lane of the same road, whether you are in a ‘left turn lane’ (usually the left lane with a left arrow painted on the ground) or you are in a ‘straight through’ lane (usually the right lane with a straight arrow painted on the ground), there is a corresponding signal light that indicates what you can do.

The traffic light for the ‘left turn lane’ is displayed as an arrow signal while the traffic light for the ‘straight through’ lane is the ball signal; when their lights are red, you stop; if they are green, you may either go and make a left turn or go straight through respectively.

They also noted that on a left turn lane during a green light, it is allowed for a driver to go straight instead of making a left turn.

On March 31, TCTSSMC made a post studying accidents which are a series of vehicle collisions brought by illegal U-Turns.

According to them, drivers must not make U-Turns over a solid single line, double continuous line, or when there is a ‘No U-Turn’ Sign and most importantly, at an intersection controlled by traffic lights.

They advised that when making a U-Turn safely, drivers should make sure they “have a clear view of traffic in either direction” and that they should show their intention to U-Turn using their signal light.

As well, they should first give way to all other vehicles and pedestrians first, and checking the traffic in either direction again before making the U-Turn.

In addition, with bike cycling picking up steam as of one the favorite physical activity right now, TCTSSMC advised the cyclists to always stay in the outermost part of the road in order to avoid accidents, as well, to always wear a helmet.

Aside from traffic rules, the FB page also shares recent crime incidents related to traffic and transportation vehicles such as snatching, and bike theft respectively to bring awareness to people. (Jan Vincent Leuterio/PIA-XI)


Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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