Strict monitoring and planning led to slowdown of COVID-19 cases in DC

DAVAO CITY, April 7 (PIA)-The acting city health officer and focal person of the COVID-19 concerns in Davao City attributed the slowdown of COVID-19 cases to the strict monitoring and planning by the local COVID Task Force. 

Dr. Ashley Lopez, Acting City Health Officer and focal person on COVID 19 concerns bared that the COVID-19 Task Force has succeeded in implementing the protection-isolation-detection-treatment and reintegration strategy by the National Task Force, with emphasis on the reintegration program designed for COVID-19 recovered patients to assimilate back to the community. 

He recalled that the border restrictions, compliance of the travel requirements, and tight security measures by the security sector ease the number of cases.

As of April 6, 2021, the regional daily case bulletin of COVID-19 in Davao City registered 15 cases of COVID-19 bringing a current of 297 active cases; 12,873 recovered with 22 others healed and a total of 13,849 cases since the pandemic in 2020.

Lopez bared that 13,000 medical front liners under group A1 have been vaccinated in Davao City in the list of 22,000. 

He said the total A1 sector numbers at 22,000. 

Lopez said the vaccination now happens Monday to Sunday and the vaccination will not proceed to other sector like the senior citizens without finishing the vaccinees from the medical sector. 

He stressed that health care workers due for second dose of the vaccination started on April 5. 

Lopez said that P30-Million has been allocated from the Bayanihan to Heal as One II by the DOH for the construction of three temporary treatment and monitoring facilities per district name, Tibungco, Malabog in Paquibato and Marilog. 

He said the mayor wants revision for the rooms and proposed a single room with one bathroom for every patient numbering a total of 81 rooms. 

Lopez also maintained adhering to the policy of a 14-day quarantine for inbound air travelers only in their homes. 

He said 14-day quarantine is a must even for those with mild symptoms who need to follow a ten-day quarantine at the facility and four-day quarantine in their homes. 

Lopez maintained the city has also intensified its contact tracing and the look-out for people with influenza-like-symptoms

He advised residents who need swabbing to proceed immediately to the Sta. Ana District Office and look for Dr. Palic for the purpose.

Lopez said that most likely, after all have been vaccinated, a booster dose is needed, until it becomes a part of the yearly individual immunization. 

He said the immunity given by the current vaccines is only effective for six months.  Lopez said regular booster vaccines will be given in the district health centers.

“The vaccine cannot give 100 percent immunization.  It can only lower down the morbidity. You can still be infected with COVID-19 despite the vaccination,” he said. 

Lopez cited the need to be cautious and vigilant all the time. 

He said that the country aims herd immunity that is why everyone needs to submit for immunization to protect oneself and other people.  (PIA XI-Joey Sem G. Dalumpines)

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