Private sector bids for strategized social responsibility, strengthened volunteerism

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO, Pampanga, April 25 (PIA) -- Central Luzon needs a more strategic, inclusive and impact-driven corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the attainment of the 2017-2022 Philippine Development Plan (PDP).
Widus Foundation Incorporated Manager Ronnel Golimlim underscored that the private sector should shift from what he branded as the “feel good” or “photo op” CSR with “first-aid-only” donations to one that makes a difference and contributes to the community.
“It means the private sector contributes in social development aspects not only in taking the bottom line, but also in being significant sponsors, donors, or initiators for environmental, social, people, or welfare development and others,” he explained during the Virtual Caravan for the Updated 2017-2022 PDP.
As a representative from the private sector, he highlighted that it is about time to strengthen a functional volunteer base in the region as this can be a unique resource in the attainment of plans, visions, and goals on either economic or human capital resources aspects.
In addition, Golimlim recommended a strategic mapping out of all companies with CSR initiatives, and sort them with sectors they are passionate about so that their impacts, projects, and accomplishments could be gathered and aligned as contributory programs in the fulfillment of the PDP goals.
“Would it be nice if there is a platform wherein NGOs [non-government organization] or LGUs [local government units] which are looking for funding, volunteers, or opportunities, and companies could hear out their concerns and needs even online? That is part of our innovative way wherein there is one website where we could roadmap all of these resources,” he suggested.

During the virtual caravan on the Updated 2017-2022 Philippine Development Plan, Widus Foundation Incorporated Manager Ronnel Golimlim recommends the need to a more strategic, inclusive, and impact-driven corporate social responsibility, highlighting that volunteerism can be a unique resource in the attainment of the goals. (Jag Lyra D. Costamero/PIA 3)

Golimlim recognized that one strength of Central Luzon is its excellent multi-sectoral partnership which could be geared in crafting projects and policies towards PDP’s framework of Malasakit or enhancing the social fabric; Pagbabago or inequality-reducing transformation; and Patuloy na Pag-unlad or increasing growth potential.
Moreover, Golimlim suggested the mapping of all social welfare services or CSR-doing bodies no matter how big or small for them to be part of a regional council for social service.
“We already have a strategic roadmap. We just have to know who is involved in these areas, and how they can share their outputs or recommendations. I did not see a clear cut strategy on how to do that. What if we have a website in Central Luzon wherein participating institutions can share their impacts and outputs through photos, actual reports, data, etc.?” he said.
There is a need for all these organizations to be updated in terms of the pressing issues the region is facing engaging all participants in the provinces through quarterly meetings.
Golimlim concluded that these recommendations would give way to great opportunities for the private sector to be able to address different social issues within communities and help Region 3. (CLJD/JLDC-PIA 3)


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