Muslims, Christians start volunteering as coordinators of Yes for Peace during Ramadan

Photo courtesy of Commissioner Yusoph J. Mando of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos

CALOOCAN CITY, April 24 (PIA) -- In the midst of the Holy Month of Ramadan, six leaders from different provinces and affiliations volunteered and took oath as coordinators for the Yes for Peace – Bayanihan ng Bayan before the campaign’s Secretary-General Yusoph J. Mando, Commissioner of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos.

Mando accepted and praised the "enthusiastic volunteerism" in the spirit of Bayanihan towards the campaign’s goal – peace, progress and prosperity.

Dr. Abdullah Omar, President of the Yaqeen Global for Peace and Development Holdings Corporation who volunteered to be the coordinator for the province of Maguindanao said, “We joined Yes for Peace to actively work for the realization of its Vision and Mission to usher in an era of peace so that the whole nation can work for its development.

Jojo L. Tabay, a Tribal Governor of the Luzvimin Indigenous People Tribes, Inc. for the Province of North Cotabato noted, “I personally saw that the basic need of people is peace and order specially in our 2,400-hectare ancestral domain.”

“No investors have dared investing in our domain because of the volatile peace and order situation,” Tabay observed, “Our voices as an Indigenous People have long been dismissed and our rights as an have long been trampled upon by those who claim to be fighting for it.”

Elsa Cruz, a Civil Engineer based in Butuan City volunteered as Provincial Coordinator for the province of Agusan del Norte, “I want Yes for Peace because we are all brothers and sisters and yet we are always in trouble and fighting one another despite the truth that God made us after his image.”

“We need to work as one and believe that the love of God will us give us peace and help build the future that the next generation hopes for,” Cruz continued, “If we love God, we should love one another because God is love.”

John Rave P. Baray, an agricultural engineer volunteered as Provincial Coordinator for the province of Davao de Oro, “I volunteered to help forge the basis of unity of the Filipino people regardless of ethnic affiliation or economic stature because we all came from one Mother, the Philippines.”

“Yes for Peace is a step or a path to show our love and understanding of each Filipino to assert the right of each ethnic group and attain our unity towards the development of this great Maharlika Nation,” Baray expounded, “Also we can stop enmity among our different tribes and show to the world that the Filipino people united themselves through love for one another through Yes for Peace.”    

Winston A. Cruz, a businessman from Davao del Sur, “I volunteered for Yes for Peace because it will help or lead a way to promote peace specially in Mindanao.”

“Yes for Peace will promote human equality, stop religious discrimination, and ensure a righteous and equal justice system,” Cruz envisioned, “We do not need to fight because we are brothers and sisters in one Nation.”

Cruz concluded, “What we need is a strong information dissemination campaign to achieve peace.  Yes for Peace is a concrete step to get all Filipinos to work for peace.”

Abdulkahair “Fahad” L. Tambara, a Muslim preacher from Dasmarinas City humbly declared, “It is a great honor for me to belong to Yes for Peace – Bayanihan ng Bayan and we should all undertake it with a deep sense of social obligation to attain our long sought for lasting peace for all.

“As a Muslim preacher and leader, it is my daily routine to teach peace through various peace advocacies because bringing peace for all is a fundamental teaching of Islam,” Tambara continued, “I am lucky to be part of Yes for Peace because it is an opportunity to be part of an organized group that is united and one in forging peace and development for each Filipino.”

“I believe that we will succeed in attaining peace for the Filipino nation through unity and Bayanihan,” Tambara concluded. 

Ernesto Angeles Alcanzare, Organizer of the campaign looks forward to a snowballing of the number of volunteer coordinators because of the simplicity and pandemic-compliant role of volunteers.  

“The essential task of Provincial Coordinators is to bring Yes for Peace to the attention of and seek the support of their respective Provincial Governors and Provincial Schools Superintendents,” Alcanzare explained, “Also, they are empowered to identify and recommend to Secretary General Mando coordinators for each of the municipality in their province.”

“It is heartwarming that the initial volunteers came during the Holy month of Ramadan,” Alcanzare revered, “After all, true believers of Islam are certain that theirs is a religion of peace.” (PIA NCR)

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