Mothers play a huge role in Kapalong NPA surrenders

DAVAO DEL NORTE, April 8 (PIA) – Kapalong Municipal Mayor Maria Theresa Timbol revealed that mothers have contributed greatly in achieving an insurgent-free municipality.

During her recent guesting at the Kapihan sa DavNor in March, Timbol cited a conversation she had with a woman who was a wife and a mother of NPA members and she managed to convince them to come home.

“Ingon pa siya sa iyang bana, uli na gikapoy nakog uma sa atong yuta. Ikaw na sige kag uma, communal sa NPA wa man kay bahin. So kinahanglan mu uli na gyud ka, kinahanglan kana nako sa atoang pamilya (She told her husband ‘come home, I’m tired of farming in our land. You are farming too but as communal in the NPA, so you aren’t getting any shares. So you really should come home, I need you in our family’),” she recounted of the wife’s conversation with the husband.

She said that after the conversation, the husband surrendered, and the sons, too, didn’t take long to eventually do the same.

With husbands and sons being the usual persons who join the insurgency, Timbol expressed that she’s not surprised why many NPA members in Kapalong have surrendered because Filipino mothers, and their values, played a huge role.

“Nganu man? Kase kita masking unsa ta ka pobre masking unsa ka lisod sa kinabuhi gusto nato Filipino buo ang atong pamilya. They always worry kung ang imong bana wala diha, kung ang anak wala diha, grabe mag worry ang isa ka inahan (Why? Because us, no matter how poor we are, no matter how difficult life is, we, Filipinos, want our families to remain together. They always worry where their husbands are, where their children are, mothers worry a lot),” she said.

With this, Timbol found the importance in having peace talks and peace engagements start at the family level.

She said they always encourage families, whose members are in the NPA, to be the ones to call out and urge their insurgent family members to surrender and come home.

According to Mayor Timbol, the Municipality of Kapalong, particularly in Barangay Gupitan which used to be the part most affected by insurgency, is currently enjoying peace as the people themselves are the ones rejecting the presence of the CPP-NPA-NDF.

Ever since then, highways and farm-to-market roads have opened; schools and health centers in the far-flung Sitios were established; and more and more houses are gaining access to electricity with the help of Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez’s Sitio Electrification Program. (Jan Vincent Leuterio/PIA-XI)

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