Maasin City Agri office starts propagation of edible mushroom

MAASIN CITY, April 27 (PIA) -- The Office of the City Agriculture Services (OCAS) here has started culturing the kind of mushroom that can be grown even in offices.

This type of mushroom is source material for distribution later to an initial set of 20 takers of a mushroom production project.

Mica Binongo, the agricultural technologist at OCAS, used what is called mother spawn mixed with some other material, the mixture placed inside bottles, each bottle sealed with paper and rubber band, in the propagation process.

This was done on April 19, and after 15 days the contents may be transferred to a more spacious spot, Binongo told PIA.

The mushroom mother spawn was given by the speaker of a mushroom training last month, a native of Palo, Leyte, who has been into the mushroom business.

The training was attended by 20 individuals, Binongo said.

Another training for the second batch of interested mushroom growers has been proposed, but there was no specific date just yet, she added.

Cultivating edible mushrooms is like farming any other cash crop since it can be harvested in one and a half months, and quality produce commands a high price at P 320 per kilo, Virgilia Barrientos, OIC city agriculturist, revealed in a recent interview.

Edible mushroom, a fungus, is used as an ingredient in recipes at high-end restaurants like salad and soup, this is rich in protein, Barrientos said.

The city LGU was a recipient of a mushroom production project under the Bayanihan 2, and OCAS was the lead office in its implementation, Barrientos also said. (nbq/rgc/PIA8-Southern Leyte)

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