Latest trends you should not underestimate in 2021

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In this post you’ll learn more about the latest trends that are going to dominate in 2021. We bring on the table the trends that you should not ignore or understand. For instance, the biggest trend is IG influencers and there is a comprehensive guide to latest trends in Instagram influencer space. Let’s start.

Video marketing

Marketers have long been talking about the fact that the video format will soon supplant all others. The reason is simple: watching a short informative video is always easier and faster than reading another guide and longread. In general, this is what is going on: according to various estimates, the share of video content in a number of segments can reach 75 percent.

There are many options here:

  • short promotional videos and screensavers. Ideally - with subtitles or such that are perceived without sound. Often, users view such content without an audio track. They need to understand what it is about;
  • video tutorials, master classes. Such materials can be used as part of a content marketing strategy;
  • webinars, videoconferences, presentations.

In any case, bypassing the video format is a very big mistake. Yes, it's harder than writing an article or drawing an infographic. But the effect is much greater. In addition, the number of users who are fundamentally looking for data in the video format is constantly growing.

Artificial Intelligence

No, this is not a phrase from a science fiction film and the uprising of machines does not threaten us yet. On the contrary, artificial intelligence (AI) works for the benefit of humanity and can be used in sales. There are plenty of directions for work. Here are some ways to use artificial intelligence:

  • chat bots. The use of chatbots is a trend in itself, and in combination with artificial intelligence, its effect triples. Based on AI, you can create advanced online interlocutors that replace communication with a real employee. Bots are available on Telegram, Facebook messenger, Viber and so on, as well as on social networks;
  • adaptation of the site to the user's actions. We have already covered this tool here. The mechanism of work is as follows: during a visit to the website of an online store, all visitors see not a common picture for everyone, but each one of his own. He is offered relevant goods, mailing and so on. All this is controlled by artificial intelligence;
  • customization of mailings. AI determines which offers to send to customers based on their actions on the site, purchase history and other factors


An average user's smartphone has 2 messengers installed, and the tool itself has long become the most popular communication channel through mobile devices. It is a sin not to use instant messengers in sales and online store promotion.

What can be done through instant messengers:

  • organize technical support for the client both through a live interlocutor and using a chat bot;
  • organize an email newsletter;
  • make a real auto funnel that works without human intervention. There are special services for launching funnels, for example, Chat2Desk. You can also order a funnel from a specialized company;
  • in the messenger, you can create a news or information channel of the company;
  • messenger is a direct channel of communication with your customers. Here they can ask any questions to employees, management or special services

Voice search

Users have long been accustomed to this tool, thanks to Alexa and Siri. It turns out that almost any site can be adapted for voice search , if you wish.

In some cases, you will have to play a little with the site code or use special tools. After these manipulations, users will be able to find the desired products or sections using voice commands.

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