Government gives decent burial to dead NPA rebs

NEGROS OCCIDENTAL, April 26 (PIA) – The Army’s 15th Infantry Battalion (Molave Warrior) with the Philippine National Police and the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Hinoba-an laid to rest New People's Army (NPA) rebels who died during the recent encounter in the municipality of  Hinobaan in this province.

Civil Military Operations (CMO) Officer Lt. Weann Sandag of the 15IB  said the unclaimed bodies of alias Michael/Nonoy and alias Ken-Ken were interred in the public cemetery of Barangay 2 Poblacion.

This, after the families failed to claim the bodies of dead NPAs after three days of waiting set by the LGU.

“The local government unit of Hinoba-an together with 15IB and PNP spent money, time and effort to provide them a decent burial. Together, we sent them to their final rest with respect as humans and as Filipinos,” said Hinoba-an mayor Ernesto Estrao.

“I hope that this tragedy will serve as a lesson to our countrymen who joined the revolutionary movement. As the mayor of this town, I condemn the presence of these terrorist groups in my municipality for they brought nothing but fears, worries, and chaos to my people,” Estrao added.

15IB Commanding Officer Lt. Col Erwin Cariño was saddened that no families claimed nor attended the funeral of the deceased NPA terrorists.

“This is how they treat the two NPAs whom they claimed as their comrades? They even issued a press statement to proudly honor their death, but their statement is always in contrast to their action. They abandoned their comrades like dead rats,” he said.

Cariño said the communist-terrorists proved and showed their true nature as a cold-blooded organization and the society strongly condemn this inhumane treatment.

This is not tolerated nor accepted in Filipino culture and society, he added.

“May this tragedy serve as a reflection and lesson to everyone not to be deceived by the lies and propaganda of the terrorist movement. Now, we have seen how they exist and live as an organization, warranted by their lies and faulty promises. Let us be wary of these deceitful schemes,” Cariño noted. (CMO-15IB/Philippine Army/JSC/LOL/PIA6 Negros Occidental)

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