Diocese of Novaliches launches ‘E-Pray’ for COVID-19 patients

PASIG CITY, April 7 (PIA) -- The Diocese of Novaliches has launched an online platform to reach out to isolated COVID-19 patients. 

The "E-Pray," an initiative of the Novaliches Diocese’s social communications ministry, allows a patient to connect to a priest for spiritual counseling and prayer.

Fr. Luciano Felloni, the social communications director, said the pandemic has prevented patients from accessing their priests in the midst of stressful and end-to-life situations.

The problem is there’s no direct contact because priests are not allowed to enter in hospitals, in ICUs, and in quarantine facilities,” Felloni said.

According to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), the project uses Google Form, a free web-based application, where people can type in their contact details such as mobile number or messenger account so that a priest could get in touch with them.

Father Felloni also said that the platform will be manned by a number of volunteers who will match any sick person with a priest available.

Around 30 priests from across the country and one from New York have so far volunteered to listen and pray with the COVID-19 patients.

However, Felloni said that they can only offer to pray for those requesting for a sick to be anointed or those requesting for confession.

We can’t offer at this point in time the anointing of the sick, we can’t offer confession. What we can offer is a priest to pray over them.” (PIA NCR)

Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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