Davao City’s QR code now used to notify F2 and F3

DAVAO CITY, April 22 (PIA)- The City’s Human Resource Officer of the City Government and Davao City DQR code implementer bared that the DQR Code is now used to inform the F2 and F3 individuals by giving them notification through SMS that they were able to mingle with COVID-19 positive person in malls and other enclosed establishments. 

Lemuel Ortonio, Human Resources Officer and Davao QR code implementer said that the consequence of the notification is the mandatory swabbing of F2 and F3 persons. 

He said through the DQR SMS, the F2 and F3 individuals are obliged to contact the number provided to them where they get the schedule for mandatory swabbing at the Sta. Ana District Health Office near Magsaysay Park. 

Ortonio said F2 and F3 persons are also provided a different phone number for their swab results. 

He explained that apart from informing them through the DQR SMS, concerned individuals are also informed about their situation through the contact tracers, informing them the need to swab. 

He clarified that blocking DQR is not part of the requirement that F1 and F2 classifications need swabbing. 

Ortonio stressed that all people with minimal exposure to the COVID-19 positive person need to be swabbed. 

“You need to swab once you get the DQR notification” he said.

Ortonio clarified swabbing can be done on the 5th and 14th day after the exposure of a person to a COVID-19 positive. 

He said that a company may schedule his staff to be swabbed but not altogether. 

Ortonio said the DQR SMS has the corresponding dates when a person with COVID-19 exposure has to swabbed. 

“For instance, the person’s exposure on COVID-19 positive would-be March 31, he would receive a DQR SMS that he had to undergo swabbing from April 5 to 14 at the Santa Ana District Office,” Ortonio said.

He said failure to heed the call for swabbing means a violation and penalty based on the Executive Order No. 20, Series of 2021, known as “An Order Providing for Mandatory Swabbing Of All F1, F2, and F3 Contacts Of An RT-PCR Confirmed Positive Case Of COVID-19 In Davao City.”

Ortonio said it is encouraged for someone especially with symptoms to swab in order to have a peace of mind. 

He also urged business establishments to do both scan in and scan out in order for people with exposure to be identified. 

Ortonio said an inspection team is assigned to watch over these establishments. 

He advised people to rescan their DQR code once an error is experienced.  (PIA XI-Joey Sem G. Dalumpines)

Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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