COVID vaccination in Baguio  moves to A3 priority group,2nd dose for health workers

City HSO vaccinators at work inside the University of Baguio Gym that serves s as one of the city's mega vaccination site. (CCD/PIA CAR)

BAGUIO CITY, Apr. 5 (PIA) - - The rollout of the COVID-19 national vaccination and deployment program in this city is now moving to the A3 Priority groups or adults (18 – 59 years old) with controlled co-morbidity, and the second dose of vaccine for the already   eligible Priority A1 or health workers in essential health care services who have received their first dose earlier last month.

The Department of Health Center for Health and Development - Cordillera (DOH – CAR) allocated 11, 335 doses of COVID – 19 vaccines for Baguio City, of which 6,885 doses are Sinovac and 4,450 doses are AstraZeneca.

Based on the City Health Services Office report submitted to the Department of Health (DOH-CAR)- led Regional Vaccination Operations Center as of March 31,  a total of 11,290 eligible population  have been  vaccinated comprising  of  97.72 percent of 11,335 health workers in the city’s Priority A1 list.

With excess vaccines available due to some  deferrals and refusals  from Priority A1 group,  the City HSO is now moving the vaccination activity to the A.3 priority group since  the Food and Drug Administration does not advise  Sinovac for senior citizens.

Co – morbidities identified in the DOH guidelines for A3 registration are chronic respiratory disease, cancer, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, neurologic disorder, pulmonary tuberculosis, chronic kidney disease, immunodeficiency disease and cerebrovascular disease.

Per initial report from HSO, there are already 729 eligible population from Priority A3 group who  were vaccinated with their first dose of Sinovac vaccine. 

She is one of the BGHMC health worker vaccinees  inoculated of their  first dose of Sinovac  vaccione on March 5., and  now eligible for  their  second dose . As per  guideline,the two doses of Sinovac vaccine  should have  28 to 32 days interval .  (CCD/PIA CAR) 

The City HSO is calling on Baguio citizens to register for vaccination as the city government continues with the masterlisting for the rest of priority A groups namely A2 - senior citizen, A3 – Adult with controlled co-morbidity A4 frontline personnel to include uniformed personnel.

Registration is online and the registration links are posted at the “Public Information Office – City of Baguio” Facebook page.

Meanwhile, with  vaccination program rolled out  in Baguio last March 5, there are already priority A1 vaccinees who  eligible to receive  their second dose with the guideline of  28 to 32 days interval between first and second doses  for Sinovac vaccine.

For Baguio General Hospital and Medical Center which  is the first health facility to rollout the COVID-19 vaccine in the region, the second dose of Sinovac administered the 150 eligible health workers in the hospital. (JDP/CCD-PIA CAR)


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