Coconut Embryo Culture for the Propagation of Macapuno Seedlings

Coconut Embryo Culture for the Propagation of Macapuno Seedlings 5

The coconut embryo culture technology is now being successfully applied in the rescue of Makapuno embryos. The Makapuno embryo does not develop normally because the endosperm, which supports the germination of the embryo, is abnormal and rots when the nut matures. The embryo culture technique is the only means known to germinate the Makapuno embryo to produce a pure bearing Makapuno palm. Successfully grown Makapuno palms produce from 75-100% Makapuno nuts if planted together and/or isolated from other coconut palms by a pollen barrier. In contrast, palms grown from normal nuts of a Makapuno-bearing palm can produce only 2-20% Makapuno nuts because they are heterozygous for the Makapuno character. With financial assistance from PCARRD/DOST, several embryo culture satellite laboratories have been established to mass produce Makapuno seedlings for interested coconut growers. These are located in Albay, Pangasinan and Cavite (in Luzon), Leyte (in the Visayas) and Davao and Zamboanga( in Mindanao).
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