MRXUH starts COVID-19 vaccination rollout

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, March 8 (PIA)--“We have started our vaccination rollout here in Maria Reyna – Xavier University Hospital (MRXUH) and we are preparing for about 410 personnel and doctors.”

This was the statement of Dr. Raul Andutan, MRXUH medical director in an interview with the Philippine Information Agency  during the start of the inoculation of the hopsital's health care workers. 

The MRXUH is one of the private hospitals in Cagayan de Oro City that received the free vaccines from Sinovac Biotech Company.

As the inoculation commenced in the said hospital, Dr. Andutan was the first person to be inoculated. 

“So far, I do not feel anything; it is just a small needle ,so don’t be afraid of any reactions to the vaccination,” he said.

Maria Reyna - Xavier University Hospital Medical Director Dr. Raul Andutan says not to be afraid of the side effects of the vaccine but to think  the benefits it brings. (JAKA/PIA10)

Dr. Andutan also said the hospital is prepared to handle any adverse side effects of the vaccine just like what they are doing with other vaccines. He further emphasized that "we should not to be afraid of the side effects and focus on the vaccine's benefits." 

“Well, as I told to my co-workers here, any medicine has its own side effects. What is important is its benefits to us,” he said.

As the entire eligible population of the hospital would receive the vaccine, the capacity to handle non-COVID 19 patients will be increased.

“With this preparation, I think we will be more prepared to handle our non-COVID-19 patients because once we are vaccinated we are free; our capacity to handle more patients will be increased; that is the more important reason why we have this vaccination,” Dr. Andutan expressed.

From its informal survey conducted, 90 percent  of the hospital’s population agreed to be onicoulated with COVID-19 vaccine and some have preferred other brands. 

Though some might delay their vaccination, Dr. Andutan is happy that all of his personnel and staff are ready to receive the vaccines. The vaccination activity is expected to last for 3-4 days with an average of 100 vaccine recipients per day. (JAKA/PIA10) 

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