Kalinga begins roll out of  Sinovac vaccine to healthcare personnel   

CITY OF TABUK, Kalinga, March 7 (PIA) - - The COVID-19   Sinovac vaccine  was successfully rolled out in the province  today with 70 healthcare workers from Kalinga Provincial Hospital  inoculated  and with no recorded adverse reaction experience , so  far.

The first two vaccinees of the CoronaVac (Sinovac) vaccines in the province are KPH Administrative Officer Raymund Palicas with nurse Evelyn Gayyaman as his vaccinator and KPH Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Jenolito Navarro with nurse Carmen Mamanao as his vaccinator.

They said they did not experience any adverse effect except little pain on the needle entry on their left arm.

This was also echoed by KPH Security Guard Robert Lachica who is among the vacinees. “Awan met mariknak nga side effect na, nasakit a nu ituruk da ngem tattan mayat met.” (I don’t feel any side effect, well I felt pain when the needle penetrated into my arm but am fine.), he said.

Kalinga is allocated 875 vials of  Sinovac vaccines for its healthcare workers including those in four level one private hospitals in the province.

Dr. Marilyn Duyan, KPH Chief of Hospital, said the roll out went smoothly because their healthcare workers have already been administering different vaccines. She said the roll out will continue to level one private hospitals in the province.

Provincial COVID-19 Infection Control Chairman Dr. Marvin Jambaro said KPH has prepared for the roll out with the conduct of information, education campaign among their personnel and working staff on the importance of the vaccine to them.

“We have been waiting for the vaccines against COVID-19 virus and encouraging healthcare workers to get vaccinated in order not to be severely affected if infected with the disease. I strongly recommend for everyone to get vaccinated so that we will have less chance to be severely affected once infected with the virus. At least if infected will be only mild,” he explained.  
 He said the best vaccine is the available one. “We should all embrace this available vaccine for COVID-19 since there is yet no 100% medicine for the virus. One problem here in Kalinga is where to bring severe cases and we thank that we are one of the first to receive the vaccine,” Jambaro said.
KPH is trying its best to manage severe cases because it is very hard to be transferring patients to other hospitals particularly in level 2 and 3 hospitals since every health facility has its own cases to manage.  

 It was noted that those   who signified their intent to get vaccinated were enthusiastic citing the benefit the vaccine could provide to them especially for their own protection and of their families.


Maridel Torres, Administrative Department staff who is under maintenance for other illness, decided to be vaccinated to ensure that in case shed gets infected with the COVID-19 virus, at least it will not be severe. Nu saanak nga ag pabakuna, baka saan nga kaya ti bagik nu makaptan nak ti virus. Not only for my protection but also for the protection of my family. So I encourage others to get vaccinated for our own good. ” she said.
Clayton Matute, driver-mechanic of KPH said he submitted himself for inoculation for his own safety considering the nature of his job that involves bringing patients  to hospitals  or to quarantine or isolation  facilities. (JDP/PAB-PIA CAR, Kalinga)





Source: Philippines Information Agency (pia.gov.ph)

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